The official just released new features for Dragon Oath from Level 10-19 by a new video. This video is a short guide to the World of Dragon Oath showcasing the different areas a player can explore, pets a player can capture, bosses, monsters, weapons, equipment sets, Token Shop items (e.g. hairstyles, fashions, mounts, fireworks) as well as the many features and events.

Dragon Oath - Guide Levels 10-19

This video is geared toward players levels 10-19:

* New Areas: Luo Yang, Su Zhou, Mt. Infinity, Wild Plains, Dun Huang, Mt. Sanctity, Pet Island, Token Shop

* New Pets: Crocodiles, Bulls, Mantis

* Boss: Ancient Chess Soul

* Monsters: Everlast, White-Headed Tiger, Deserted Mechanoid, Asura Minion

* Weapons & Sets: Royal Copper & Dharma's Slash

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