Come one Come all!!

NEW !! World Shaiya !

66Shaiya team is adding another server with ep7 !!! It will be in testing stage for this week and will be completed by the end of this week we hope. This server has Bosses and monsters no other server can acquire and it has weapons no other server can acquire

If you want to play the ep7 for fun, download US Shaiya files from our website and make sure you update it first, or else you will get a "game data load error". After the update, extract the files from our patch (ZIP file) and run the updater again.

Come check it out quickly !!!

The website is

Free Items

All Noss except for sprint
3hr contis
7 day pid
1 day pid
7 day Gold increase
7 day xp increase
12 hr xp increase
1 hr xp increase
Double warehouse
Warehouse recall stone
Repair hammer
7 day eternal endurance hammer
prevent xp loss
this just names a few of the items that you can get for free

come on check it out