Xsjado Aion

Normal Rates*:
EXP: 125x
Drop: 10x
Gathering: 75x
Crafting: 75x
Quest: 100x
Kinah: 65x
AP: 10x
*Premium rates are double normal rates.

-Updates every day
-Latest rev of Aion Unique

-Max level = 60 (Stats were raised per lvl with a retail-like pattern)
-Lvl 60 Mythic Set (Armor and Weapons)
-Professional, helpful & active staff
-Custom instances
-Ingame vote reward system (//shop)

Coming Soon:
-More custom instances
-More custom gear
-Lvl 30-35 PvP zone & Lvl 55-60 PvP zone
-Special PvP points for each of the new PvP zones
-Lvl 55 and 60 skills
-And much more, just wait and see