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Thread: The ideal Browser MMO

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    Default The ideal Browser MMO

    I am not currently looking to *create* the browser MMO I describe here. Rather, I am, through description, trying to portray how a great browser MMO would work. The ideal Browser MMO for me would include some systems as follow:

    I. Compatibility
    Browser game means we can use a web browser to play. Since the increasing various of browser, the browser game must have good compatibility, at least available for current popular browser: IE, FireFox, Chrome, OPera.

    II. Gameplay
    1. Tutor System
    When a newbie in a new game, the tutor system could play its role in helping player to know backgrounds, interface, skills and so on. Many browser games have good tutor system, like Evony, Dragon's Call.

    2. Quest System
    The quests must be abundant and no repeated. Moreover, quests based on storyline could fascinate player gradually. Screenshot took from Dragon's Call.

    3. Other feature System
    Like Auto-fighting System. As you know, playing browser game is a good way for people who haven't much time. So auto-fighting system is not bad in browser game. Pity is that I found only one browser game have such system - Dragon's Call. When you have to deal with other stuff, you can switch to auto-fighting mode.

    III. Community
    Including chat system, guild system and forum system, community is a necessary part in browser game. Good community could advance communication between players. The better community, the more success of the game.

    4. What's missing? Any addition would be welcome!

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    Default Try this game

    It is your ideal game you talk about.

    It is new Web Game. For more details visit, or

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    I think you are the same person who just promotes your game Kingory, or Dragon's Call.

    I found your article on this forum too ,

    Your game actually sucks! please do not do this way on the ONRPG forum.

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