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Thread: Carnage Blender - Give it a try, it's worth it

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    Default Carnage Blender - Give it a try, it's worth it

    Carnage Blender is a wonderful game that has been around for years. In the game, you make a character and battle against other players. There are many different skills and hundreds of different possible builds. It has a *very* friendly player base that is always willing to help out newer people. As you amass wealth from your battles, you can purchase equipment from other players, the auction or from the shops. If your a little low on cast, you can rent items from other players to build your self up. If you need an upgrade, you can have the local blacksmith up your items, you can break out the hammer and forge them yourself, or you can pay one of the other members to do it for you. CB excels in its apparent simplicity. It has a very fast learning curve, an extensive wiki and a great player base that is eager to help anyone willing to ask a good question. All I ask is that you give it a try. If you decide that its not for you, you can just leave it. You will not receive *any* emails unless *you* tell it to.

    Carnage Blender

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    doesnt matter if it benefits us your not allowed to post a ref link unless you post a normal link.
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