Hi all i am new in OnRPG forums, but the reason i found you is rather a disgrace of Runewalker/Frogster EU.

I am an addicted player of RoM for almost 1.5 yrs.. used to play in EU servers because i live in Turkey. Last wednesday as i tried to log in the game i got an "Unknown Error" msg. I swtched to the EU RoM forums and came across with this message

Aloha Ladies & Gentlemen.

Frogster is responsible for publishing Runes of Magic in most countries although there are some territories in which other companies own the license.

Therefore we have to inform you that in the case of Turkey another publisher is responsible for Runes of Magic. After consultation with the Turkish publisher we have to honor their license and put an IP-Block for Runes of Magic in place which affects Turkey as of today.

This means that players from Turkey will no longer be able to access our Runes of Magic servers. All players from Turkey that wish to continue enjoying Runes of Magic must register an account through the Turkish publisher.

We ask for your understanding in regard to this measure,

The Runes of Magic Team
As you see my whole investments (spent more than 1000 € lately), my characters, my gear (they were all 57/57 lvls) and my good friends in the game were all gone just in a wink of an eye without any notice or warning..

So i and my other Turkish friends are moving to US servers one by one hoping that Frogster US wont kick us out the game..

hope i will be here more often though