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    Default Card Battle Guide

    Credit goes to: Araiguma

    The first step in being able to card battle is to get 5 cards. These are 5 different cards not 5 cards total, and you may only use 1 non-class card, so if you have more than 1 non-class card, then you must find another card to add to your collection. When gathering cards you want cards that are either High or Low. I will go into the other card attributes later.

    Once you have your 5 acceptable card battle cards go into a town or gate area. You may not be near any NPCs or portals.

    Type /Card name
    *The C in card MUST be capitalized
    *name may be whatever you want to appear above your head in the bubble.

    once the game starts it will ask either your or your opponent to choose a game mode.

    The kind of big guy, with the hair that points up to the sides is High card rules.

    High card wins except in the instance of of same type of card played by both people.
    *The type is the symbol in the lower left corner
    When the same type is played, the rules are flipped for that one turn instead of high card winning low card wins.

    The guy wearing the white suit is Low card rules.

    Low card wins except in the instance of of same type of card played by both people.
    *The type is the symbol in the lower left corner
    When the same type is played, the rules are flipped for that one turn instead of low card winning high card wins.

    Now for the special rules when same type same number, or different types same numbers are played, when these occurances happen.(except in when it is the exact card played) a new rule comes into effect to determine the winner of the match. There is a number in the lower left corner of the cards, the person with the higher number wins in these cases.

    Each Battle has 4 rounds(You can have 10 battles per person, per day)

    You can win by:
    4 to 0 this is called a perfect game
    Any amount of rounds higher than opponent is just a win
    And in the event that after 5 cards the rounds are tied, the server will assign each person with a random card, and it will be played with those cards, the winner of that round wins the battle.

    After winning.

    You are awarded experience depending on the gameplay.
    You may get lucky and win additional cards, there are 2 ways to win cards:

    A. Random cards, are cards that you just win and the server will add to your inventory.
    B. Chance, you will win a card from your opponent, if you want to give the card back is up to you.

    There is also a specialty gift section, but I have not happened to cross upon what this does yet, so I can not say as to what it does.

    Gameplay Tips.

    Use the 3 cards that you can see of your opponent's to your advantage, if you have the same card, as them look at the numbers in the lower left corner of cards with the same type that would be greater than your opponents card that you could play, to defeat their card, and save yours for later.

    One of the most important tips is to learn to give up a battle, rather than playing your strongest cards to win all the time(unless you are absolutely sure that you will win) Play a weaker card against their card that will win, then when their don't have their strong card for defense anymore you can play your strong card, and take over, rather than ending up with a draw or gaining just a few points.

    Look at your opponents win rate, if you are new, and they have a high win rate, you may want to find someone else to challenge.

    Hope you enjoyed my guide, and if you copy and paste, please give me the credits ^.^

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    No offence but that was a waste of time, there is already an extensive guide here Card Battling, which I have pointed out numerous times.

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    people who didnt already understand card battleing after trying it once are morons......
    .................its All Over............

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    Lol it's been a RATHER long time since I wrote that guide. TT_TT unfortunantly I no longer own Araiguma. Dang hackers. I know there are much more extensive guides out now. I wrote that when Card battling has just come out.

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