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Thread: League of Legends [Discussion]

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    Quote Originally Posted by doje View Post
    Your making an assumption like everyone else. You HAVE NOT played the champ yet. So therefore, you DO NOT know how this champ will play out. Maybe you should think a bit harder instead of grabbing assumptions out of thin assuming that he isn't OP when he could very well be OP...go back to your hole. Stop trying so hard to be an elitist.

    Just thought this might be a good investment for you bro.

    @ markca : A monk would be pretty awesome, though there already is one...a fist-based one would be kind of cool however.
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    Just decided to index them together for an easy reading instead of going through pages and pages. Some Q&A arent posted here due to irrelevant information. [ FULL COVERAGE UP TO 36 PAGES ]

    Shurelias will continue with the Q&A as i will continue to update the latest one.


    1) What are your future plans for Udyr and Zilean
    We currently do not have anything scheduled. I might be rebuffing locket CD a bit. It's not that we aren't ever going to look at them, its just not a priority at the moment.

    2) Is quicksilver sash ever going to be able to be built into anything else or made more of a viable choice when suppression hits
    Hmm... no plans for it right now. It might be ok where it is. We'll see. I think its ok that it is a situational item since what it does is so powerful.

    3) are there any plans for mr/ar pen items?
    No plans for more pen items but there are new items in planning. We have a new jungling item coming out soon.

    4)Malphite. Any changes on his scaling problem coming?
    We have a few changes we want for Malphite soon, we want to make B.S. not AOE when the target is a tower... and maybe make Shard a little bit better. As far as scaling... nothing at the moment but its definitely something I want to look into in the near future.

    5) Any plans on giving Rammus some love, via the "Mechanics Change" thread in the TR? Is Rammus even being looked at from a point of view like that?
    I honestly haven't read the test realm forum since the PTR went down. = (

    Rammus is scheduled for a check up but I have nothing right now. I think he's a pretty good character though, and I think he'll do well in draft mode.

    6) When are replays going to be implemented?
    I wish i knew. = (

    7) We gonna see any Ryze changes soon? The poor guys been nerfed a lot with little buffing to compensate...=/
    I currently see him as a C-tier character. I want to take a look at him soon. But right now im worried about the OP characters moreso than the UP ones.

    8) Are there any new diverse items coming out, like +Attack and mana ( the witchblade, a suggestion ive made a few times )

    Or Attack + MR would also be a nice one, even if the MR is pretty low.

    Maybe a new MR item that uses the health belt, instead of banshees veil being the only + health MR item.

    We are working on new diverse items. In fact there is an attack/mana item currently on the drawing board.

    9) Any plans to make Kennen more viable? (I'm guessing maybe energy items since we already have energy runes?)

    Thanks in advance!

    Yes! We are looking into him soon. His AP ratios are the suspect but we'll see. I like to do some research first before working on characters.

    10) What balance changes have you done that mean the most in your opinion?
    I made the Master Yi remake which I'm pretty proud of.

    11) What are the plans about the Test Realm? I was under the impression that there were plans to bring it up soon, but that was somewhat vague and I don't even remember which Red posted it.
    The test realm is already back up, but we're being selective as to who can join.

    12) Any updates on veigar?
    Yep... he has range and overall consistency problems.

    13) Are there any plans for a melee item similar to Guinsoo's rageblade for the various offtanks like Mundo and Olaf?
    None at the moment... but there are plans for defensive AD/AP items though.

    14) when is gangplank gettin some love :P?

    also, do u prefer cookies or pie?

    I'd like to see how he performs on live a bit more... but I received some feedback from some top Gangplank players and I play on working with them to make him feel better.

    I like pie more than cookies.

    15) Can you fix Amumu's ult? Whenever i ult, there's a half second malfunction that allow the enemies to still do things.
    Hmm... i've never heard of that. Ill look into it.

    16) is tf getting a buff next patch?

    17) What things are on top priority right now?
    Handling S-Tier characters and trying to bring them into line for Season 1.

    18) Are you going to be attending PAX? If so, what LoL champ will you be?
    Probably not. I'm going to be Annie for halloween though (The chinese art one).

    19) Why is there a lack of good tanking items which are based around Magical Damage Mitigation? ie; items with multiple good effects that synergize well with tanks.
    We're always working on new items, and that is an item type that we have prioritized.

    20) Do you think people will be more aware of their champion choices in Season 1? For example, will people be more willing to be a tank (when their team needs one) when their visible elo score and ranking is at stake?
    I think Draft mode will completely change the way the game is played.

    21) ETA on a new map?
    Nope. = (

    22) What are you future plans for Twisted Fate?
    I'm going to evaluate him. = )

    23) You said you see Ryze as a C-tier character, where do you see Kassadin? And do you think his new active W will move him up a tier?

    THanks for the replies by the way

    Kass is C-Tier. I think the new W will open up some new options for him and will make him feel less like he has a useless skill. The bigger change to kass is actually the change to his passive... = )

    24) Will there be a cheap AP item that is similar to The Brutilizer.
    Theres haunting guise and the book. = )

    25) I main Trynd (yes, trynd) and i was wondering if his skills, such as his ult, are being looked at. I personally think that he is fine, but seeing the recent change to Kayle's ulti, i was wondering if a similar change might be lined up for trynd.
    Not at the moment, but we arent going to lower his ult time atm.

    26) are their any plans for clan support?
    I'm sure there are plans for it... but I'm not sure. I dont work on that stuff. ^^

    27) Any idea if all the wall bugs on TT is going to be looked at? More so then anything this is a big issue that i have had on TT.

    Just in case ill leave a example.

    Walk up to a wall to skill shot into bush's, but, right when you approach the wall, you walk/teleport/slide through the wall into a place you prolly never wanted to be ^^

    Thanks and <3 if you answer my question.

    We have been working on this issue and I believe we have an engineering fix for it. I'm not sure when it'll be out, but its soon i think!

    28) Any plans on remaking Alistar so he's not just a stun bot? I.e., make him less boring? Right now it's "Hit pulverize then immediately hit Headbutt... do nothing and get no kills until teamfight ends."

    He's the epitome of "boring, low dps tanks" that newer players avoid in favor of DPS champs (or Shen).

    I know a lot of people find him to be fun, especially with his headbutt cancel into pulverize combo. There are no plans for a remake on him... tweaks maybe but no remakes.

    29) are their any plans for achievments or rewards for doing "impressive things" ie penta kill, 100 wins, 100 wins on a single charecter, win 10 in a row, etc?
    I hope we do something like this!

    30) ETA on when the new kassadin ability goes live?
    Season 1 patch.

    31) It was asked a half dozen times in the old thread... how will you make Morgana viable again after destroying her shield?
    She's considered a solid A-Tier and very viable by competitive players, especially after the latest changes.

    32) how soon can we expect an all buff/debuff champion and can you give us any details?
    I'm working on one, but I cant give any details. ^^

    33) is shaco going to be changed?
    i personally hate how he can just turret dive, hit you with powerful slowing shiv, then blink away getting hit once or twice.

    could you maybe nerf the cd on his blink, and lower his base movement speed pleaseee!

    From a balance perspective I think shaco is ok... but i don't think he is from an annoyance perspective. We'll have to do a comprehensive evaluation on him, and the changes would have to keep his power level... those are tricky to do.

    34) What kind of constructive posts and good deeds would one have to do to invite a potential invite to the test realm?
    You have to be a relatively high tier competitive player or have a good reputation for giving feedback. Being on IRC really helps as well.

    35) Any plans for Garen? I always felt like he's underpowered.

    Also since Youmuu's Ghostblade, my friend wanted a Sakuya's Knife. Will there ever be such an item?

    Garen is currently considered C-Tier and we'll look into him soon, but it's not a priority at the moment.

    I don't think Sakuya would let me take any of her knives.

    36) How much of your work day involves playing the game to feel out issues that need examining, and do you generally spend that playtime on the live game or in some test realm with coworkers?
    I play 1-2 games during my work day on average days... on busy days I'm lucky if I can play one for research (right now i've been really busy). But I do play a lot at home and on the weekends!

    37) What defines an "Overpowered comp" vs legitimately good?

    It seems that the top comp of the moment always ends up getting nerfed for OPness. AOE teams getting nerfed, then push teams, then heal teams.... just seems like the metagame is controlled more by what you take away than what you add. Rather than adding counters, you take away the power. What is the design philosophy behind that method of balance?

    A comp that is overpowered is a comp that can't be reasonably countered by any available means. Blind pick presented a problem in which character counters weren't really available since you aren't able to see your opponent's line up. This is innately unfair by nature, and you can't have balance without initial fairness. I think draft mode will change a lot of this.

    The reason healing was so powerful was because it is the most versatile composition, and therefore makes it the best for a blind scenario.

    38) What are your current thoughts on Karthus? His passive has been bugged for a long time and is frustrating to use. He's also very situational depending on opponents (does much better against some than others).
    I think he's ok at the moment. He's on the higher end of the C-tier. We'll look at compressing those characters to be better, but right now it's not a high priority unfortunately. (Now being the immediate patch)

    39) I'm confused. I know I'm not supposed to ask another question (sorry!) but your answer has left me very very confused. I've opened up the client for the TR and the server is currently Unavailable, although there is a new patch which leaves me wondering. Anyways, in the Test Realm forums the Udyr post is still there saying that the TR is unavailable. I've got a Test Realm account is that what you mean about you being selective, unless you've created a more selected group for testing.
    The test realm is only open to a select group of testers.

    40) Are there any plans on making Nunu... viable?

    His ice bolt only does a moderate amount of damage and after that's on CD all he has is his autoattacks which do a pitiful amount of damage, outside of his ult he is just lackluster and a meatshield with no reason to be attacked especially after the duration nerf to BB.

    Another C-tier character. We'll look into it when we have the time. We plan on eventually getting to him.

    41) I know you guys are working on fixing Garen's Q but honestly his ultimate has been incredibly frustrating from day 1.

    It has a random cast time that doesn't make any sense and the range is INSANELY small. Do you think you could just make it instant cast with no travel/cast time and perhaps increase the range? Garen is hardly a top tier champion and this would just be a nice little fix to the most annoying part of his playstyle.

    We're going to fix the bugs with Garen to make his silence refresh his attack timer again. We're also going to fix a bug with R to make it more responsive so you don't run into that situation where an enemy runs out of range and it fails to cast.

    42) Is there any plan to do something useful with Annie's E? That shield is only ever used as a stun stack spell from what i've seen.
    I think the E is pretty good. I max it on my dps annie build... rofl....

    But it does give some good burst survivability.

    43) What do you see TF's current role as? Most effective, I mean.
    Major: Ranged DPS or AP DPS
    Minor: Utility - Disabler - Poke

    44) Can you play Kat viably as a hybrid (hextech gunblade)?

    Oh, and thanks for doing this again. It sucks that people were jerks in the last thread

    Unfortunately due to the nature of her ulti... hybrid just isn't worth it.

    45) In draft mode, will you have a couple seconds to maybe change a champ in the end if the team needs a tank and the rest of the team doesnt pick one?
    No. Draft choices are locked upon pick.

    46) Why did Zileas decided to nerf Karthus and Anivia instead of buffing Annie back in beta?
    No idea... I wish I had psychometry. If I did, I would find out for you. ^_~

    47) Have you guys ever considered giving Corki's Valkarie a passive ( like a speed buff?) and/or do you feel that Corki is more team dependant than other carries, maybe too team dependent?
    No plans for that at the moment. I think Corki is still very strong, but he's just a lot harder and takes more effort to play than say... Ashe or Trist.

    48) Any plans to have multiple mastery pages saved? And possibly another rune book page?
    I know we have plans to do this, I just don't know when.

    49) You didn't answer any of my questions about Taric in your last thread.
    Another champion which got no love in your last thread was Udyr.

    could you please tell me everything you can regarding the future balance changes to these champions?

    Nothing planned at the moment. Taric is an A-tier champion.

    50) What changes do you think will make Teemo competitively viable?
    I think just some attack stats would help, and fixing the poison bug.

    51) I see a lot of people using flat HP quints (and couldn't help noticing them being used for every champion spotlight), would you consider them overpowered or just good for general use?

    Any chance of the quintesence choice being made a little... harder?

    * Not sure if you are the person to ask, but I've been wondering about this for a while now and wasn't sure where to post.

    We're working on rebalancing the runes. I'm going to be taking a look at Pen runes

    52) Any chance of a land mine being introduced in a champion skill set? Like rather than a fear or slow, it's a knock up effect with instant damage? Ala Explosion Array?
    It's an interesting concept. We might see it one day, but there are concerns with any spell that is of that type. Things like... how visible the spell is... and how hard is the spell to use and counter.

    53) Any planes on implementing a champion who uses mostly traps?

    (if so you should contemplate making a champ who digs holes, and if an enemy falls into the hole, he gets ported back to his own nexus : ) )

    Not at the moment... but once again it's a really interesting concept. I think the character would need to have some non-trap abilities so they have something to actually do in combat. Also...


    54) I read in one of your replies that your focusing for now on balancing champions that are overpowered before addressing champions that are underpowered. Can you please share with us a list of champions that are overpowered that need to be addressed before season one?
    The current list (not counting this week's patch) was:

    Ezreal, Kayle, Janna, Soraka

    But right now I think they're all ok except Kayle. We have an idea of what to do with Kayle that shouldn't affect her that badly.

    55) First off, I want to thank you for taking your time to actuaNot at the moment. He's high A-tier though... so there might be something for next patch. I need to evaluate it.lly set some time for reading the communities opinion.

    I wanted to know if there was a chance to fix the poppy Heroic Charge bug, because most of the time, my Heroic Charge Slams the Target through the wall, rendering the stun useless, and having them get a free getaway.

    We're working on a fix for the issue where sometimes players path through walls... it should hopefully fix this.

    56) Are there more Shen nerfs incoming? There are exceedingly few situations where you would want another tank/initiator over Shen.
    Not at the moment. He's high A-tier though... so there might be something for next patch. I need to evaluate it.

    57) What is the current priority?
    Eliminating S-Rank characters for Season 1.

    58) Are you planning to change sion ult?

    He can fill 3 roles (AD - AP - Tank) but his ult is only really effective when going AD

    (When i bought him in the store he was under the "mage" category)

    Not at the moment. ^^

    59) Is Akali's survivability going to be looked at, or any more changes in general? Especially with the Flash removal (?) incoming, she's going to be squishier than ever.

    The Shroud buff is welcome but it's still kind of trapping yourself in a small area that good players can exploit.

    I think her survivability might be able to be addressed with some base stats... but I'd like to see where the shroud changes went before making anymore tweaks.

    60) Do the champions summoned ever find out the cause that they're fighting for, or are they left in the dark so as to avoid conflicts of interest?

    (If you do only answer one question, answer me this)
    Settle this once and for all--is the damage Heimerdinger's turrets do magical, and is it affected by Heimerdinger's Magic Penetration?

    Summoned champions share belief with the summoner that summoned them. So they do have a direct interest in the affair. There is much more to this story but its a lore question thats a little deep for me. Babaganoosh could give you a better answer.

    I'm really glad to see people hyped for lore... I really love lore myself and the lore of LoL really excites me!

    and yes heimer's turrets do magic damage and its affected by MPEN. I believe this is true, but I should double check.

    61) Any plans for Gragas in the pipeline?
    Yes, but not high priority.

    62) Whats your plans with Mordekaiser and where do you think he is lacking as far as tanks go. I personally think mitigation but I don't know riots stance.
    We want to give him some way to initiate. He's currently an F-Rank character...

    One thought was to give -Arm/MR if he casts his metal cloud on an enemy target.

    63) What's the status of Haunting Guise? Given the fact that it was the item to test(?) Spell Vamp, then have that trait subsequently removed, it looks as though its in a sort of limbo development-wise.
    Hmm... nothing right now, but I'll take a look at it.

    64) What was the design goal for introducing Energy runes?
    To provide extra rune options for people that like to play Energy characters. Its just another option really... but it provides a way to boost your energy stats besides golem.

    65) Can I have your word you'll never touch Nasus?

    He's so balanced! I would hate to see an uneeded buff that makes people play him and lead to an eventual nerf.

    He's High B-Rank. Going to leave him alone. = )
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    Quote Originally Posted by korncob View Post

    Just thought this might be a good investment for you bro.
    and the elitist speaks again. /clap

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    Come on, Korn. He forgot one word. Doesnt mean he needs to learn englsh.

    Ontopic. I want to see an element bender champ :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit View Post
    Come on, Korn. He forgot one word. Doesnt mean he needs to learn englsh.

    Ontopic. I want to see an element bender champ :3
    Damn straight! I'd buy it with real cash just out of luls.

    Off Topic: What did you think about the movie? (if you saw it that is) I thought it was okay, but I'm waiting for the actual action based book (The second movie aka book 2 Earth) xD

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    There was meant to be a monk type champion within lol but he was never released or is due to be released at best.. (for those who don't know ill link it at the bottom).

    Also in the line up was Plant king, alternative Garen, Spider Queen (who many thought was nidalee) and the oh-so famous Urf the manatee.

    On-topic: I've given up with warwick, he's too easy to play and when you fail as him you just look like a complete nub was in a game with one that went 12/8 [wasn't that impressive since he ganked me 5 times] and called us noobs even though kat's ulti kept getting knocked off due to ashe/ww.

    PS: Wish me luck for my interview when you slay the nubs of war D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ketsuarikado View Post
    Damn straight! I'd buy it with real cash just out of luls.

    Off Topic: What did you think about the movie? (if you saw it that is) I thought it was okay, but I'm waiting for the actual action based book (The second movie aka book 2 Earth) xD
    I havent seen it yet but I think I'll like it. I understand all of the changes and i respect them. It's all up to the flow of the movie and the acting.

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    Looking forward to the changes leading to Season 1 and Season 1 itself. Should be fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abubakr View Post
    Looking forward to the changes leading to Season 1 and Season 1 itself. Should be fun!
    Yup I can't wait .

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    So..Lifesteal Nassus=rape
    feed siphoning strike all game and you will kick ***.
    I end up with 100% lifesteal if i finish my build. with an extremly strong attack that hits for over 500 with sheen. I get all the hp back. I was at half health and twitch came at me with his ult.
    I popped my ult(which also gives me extra lifesteal) siphoned his ***. and had twice his health after i siphoned. from there, i just slowed and DoTed and he was deadddd as dead can be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Loric View Post
    I was all "Yay ice cream!" And they was all "Sir you forgot your toast" and I was all "wut :O".

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