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    new champion looks like an extra from brave heart nothing interesting the most boring looking thing ever, is a dude with a stach like riot is not even trying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candyholic View Post
    Thresh is pretty much the ultimate support and Riot will never be able to make something so 'inventive' again without rehashing his kit in some ways.
    Braum seems nice, but he's too defensive imo (again, riot forcing anti-assassin late game meta).
    Exactly. Thresh is good at basically everything you want from a support. No other support can compete, which is why I hate him with a passion. My favorite supports are basically never going to be popular if his kit stays the way it is.

    Braum is what I expect from a support. Has a set role and fulfills it (defensive support). Much like how Blitz is all about hooks/catching people, Janna is a peel support, Leona is heavy engage in teamfights...

    CertainlyT sure knows how to make stupidly overloaded champion kits (every one of his champs needed multiple nerfs from release just to make them balanced). But Thresh is going to need adjustments to his kit, not numbers, to balance him (see Darius and Zed ultimate changes, another 2 CertainlyT champs who couldn't be fixed by numbers adjustment alone...)

    They're going to need to cut off some of his unneeded CC to make him balanced (seriously, knocking people up/away with Flay isn't enough, you still have to add a SLOW to it?). Lantern is a get out of jail free card for someone out of position, why does it NEED a shield?

    Thresh is just really a stupidly overloaded champ. Too many strengths, too few weaknesses~~

    Edit: How I'd balance Thresh's lantern? Add counterplay to it. Currently blocking it with champions or wards is unreliable. Make it be able to be attacked by enemies, like wards. Two or three hits and it returns to him. So he can't throw it out and leave it there until his ally finally clicks it. He needs to time it well to make a save, and now his lantern isn't quite as stupidly OP anymore.
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