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Thread: Devoidfury - Text-based game needs more Team!

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    Default Devoidfury - Text-based game needs more Team!

    Team name:
    None yet. I'll try to get an LLC soon.

    Project name:

    Brief description:
    I've been working on this game mostly solo for the last two years to develop my programming skills. It is all coded by hand; no engine use or anything like that. I work on DF at least 30 hours a week.

    This is my 'intro' to the gaming world. I decided to start up this little text-based game to see if I could handle being a game owner before I delve into a 3D project, but I eventually want to cover all sides (if I enjoy it enough. Truth be told, I love it so far just because it gives me a reason to write code).

    Target aim:
    Free to play, pay for bonuses. Possibly more games in the future, if I enjoy the release.

    I'd be willing to offer a percentage of revenue, but it really depends on the quality of the teamwork.

    So... the deal is, a percentage of the profits (or a possible job offer later on), but I reserve the right to can someone that isn't working out and stop payment from that point on. I've been jerked around in the past, and I don't want to let it happen again.

    PHP, MySQL, JS, CSS, XHTML. Easy, standard, and not as much hassle for the user. I can also write C# and C++, but not currently using those skills for the project.

    Talent needed:
    Graphic artist - I really need someone with some style. No prior experience required, as long as I like your work and it isn't stolen.

    Moderators - This isn't a paid position, but we all need them.

    Anyone else that has anything to offer. This is a real position... =D

    Team structure:
    So far, you're looking at it. I'm a good programmer lacking design skills.

    I have a few moderators and content managers so far.


    furydevoid at gmail dot com.

    Also, you'll often find me in chat on Devoidfury, as I'm often up late working on it. The name is Fang on there.

    Additional Info:
    The selling point will be an interesting combat system. Most of the basics are implemented so far, and it's totally do-able.


    Any, I'm brave. =D
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