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    Hello everyone, I'm Dieago from TGatB development team. We are currently looking for people to help us on this project. We are in our Alpha Stage. Here is a few screen shots of our game to get you all little interested before i ramble on.

    The team for The Goblin and the Butterfly is very small. Two people currently are still active in working on this project.

    Piper1-Lead Programmer, Developer, Character Animation Artist.
    Dieago-Tiles and Environment Artist.

    As you can see the team can really use a large push forward. We have a lot of work to do and are hoping advertising here will help us with our goals.

    Everything to do with the game is self written by Piper1, He has done every part of programming on his own.

    [This Project is an open-source project, We are the TGatB development team is the original creators of the this project.]

    The theme of our game is Myth Medieval/Fairy Tale. We follow fairy tales for quest lines, and Will have Cities based on Fairy Tales.

    Our main focus at this time is Animation of 2D characters, and 2D Graphics. We are looking for writers, and fairy tale researchers.

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