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    Default Free GM for Hire

    Just wanting to tell everyone that I am available to be enlisted as a GM for any MMORPG (except pay-to-play, I don't believe in that, sorry.) To be honest, I've been living off of Supplemental Security Income, and have only volunteered in the past so far in my life. However, this is all that I really want, as long as I can get SSI, and my SSDI, Medical Assistance and my Medicare Parts A and B, and still work--even if it is just volunteer work without pay, as after all, I am already paid by the government--I would be happy to assist in making your game a better place. However, please do note that I can be a bit overly honest at times, and this may not appeal to a game developer or holder of a massive multiplayer game such as an MMORPG, due to the fact that you may have secrets you wish to keep until they are completely ready. But, take heart on that, I do as I am told, but also help those in need when I can.

    I am willing to spend real money on cash shop items as I said on the Perfect World forums, as, after all, some people are not as fortunate enough to have any real money to spend on good items. But, I would never use my GM powers to cheat you out of any money like that, hence why I would buy the cash shop item they need, with my own money, then give it to them. Please consider me for possible enlistment in your application, as I would be honored to take up the task. (Please note that I would need training, if any coding/etc. is required, as I am not exactly proficient in those areas.)

    I have had no real luck in using Vocational Rehabilitation services in my state due to the possibility of my mental illness known as Autism. Albiet, I am very high-functioning for my mental disorder. It seems that no real job place wishes to have me work with other, "normal" people possibly because they might make fun of my disability, etc. Or they do not wish to bother to accommodate my needs. However, I have not received any real accommodations from when I was enrolled in Madison Area Technical College, so to be honest, I do not really think I need them.

    Thank you for reading this,
    Ian C.


    (Yeah I know, copied and pasted from another forum I posted this on, oh well.)

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    Medical Assistance and my Medicare Parts A and B
    You need to work for a REAL company to get those, my friend.
    Not indie groups, and not here on ONRPG where every kid thinks he can singlehandedly make the best MMORPG the world has ever seen.
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    If your willing to work for free we will be looking for GM's for my upcoming MMO eventually however we don't plan to release it anytime soon. However, if you would like to work with us we would be glad to have the extra support. Paid positions will not be available until we move onto our next project wich will be completely original.

    As of right now we are using Ryzoms open source engine and we plan on moving ahead in the future. Recently I heard they will be lowering the price of the Hero Engine wich is something I will be looking into next year once our team is established and we have more experience working with our current game.

    If your interested feel free to Email me your resume. I don't download anything from anybody unless I know the source.

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