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Thread: Why even quest?

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    Default Why even quest?

    I'm level 36, and there are a few quests available to me. But none are worth doing.

    Invoke quests: WAAAAY too low for my level, the dungeon is too hard to solo, and no parties are ever around for it.

    Crystal mine quests: I sat and killed ****ing ant queens for 2 hours and didn't get one ****ing ticket.

    Selki quest line: God, I can't kill those whores! And again, no one parties to kill them.

    Kappa quest: Gives me about 5% exp, so I might get around 25-30% EXP for finishing all 3 of them. That's great, but where's the other 70% gonna come from? People tell me to quest and never grind all the way to 40. No way in hell.

    So are there quests I'm missing out on? Leveling is extremely difficult now and no longer fun.

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    only played latale a little bit but heard it was really grindy

    so if leveling is no more fun by questing,then i guess grnd it out

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