Hello La Taler’s! Have you guys been enjoying some sunshine recently? Oh yes! Summer has come, and we have a magical box which it includes a range of items including two new functional fashion sets, Luna and Sol. You can only imagine how cool you’d look with these two new fashion sets. Those of you who are big fans of NPCs, Luna and Sol definitely will recognize this fashion style and should strongly consider purchasing this set.

Our second change is and update to the Ignate’s Capsule. We have added a Wasashu Set Coupon to the capsule, so those of you who want a Wasashu set again, should purchase the Ignate’s Capsule and try their luck!

Our third change is the long awaited introduction of Ely Gain puzzles and Ely gain cubes. With the implementation of these puzzles in La Taler’s equipments will be able to obtain more ely from monsters.

Our final change is the introduction of a pet package with some of the most popular pets in La Tale Gumiho, Dark Devil, Sweet Angel, and Priring. We’ve made this package available at an affordable price in the fashion shop so everyone should take a look in the pet section to see what we’ve introduced there, we hope you enjoy our changes and keep checking here to see what we’ll introduce next!