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Thread: Isometric/2D Artist - Online Tactics Game (NOT AN MMO)

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    Default Isometric/2D Artist - Online Tactics Game (NOT AN MMO)

    Tactics Fantasia
    Game is currently playable and in Alpha mode. Please read below for info
    how to try it out. (Serious inquires from artists please)

    Brief description:
    An online tactical game which can be started through the browser.

    Target aim:
    Free to Play and possibly premium accounts in the future.

    A possibility of receiving money from the actual game. More realistically, it will be something to put on a resume for more serious artists, and something to do for fun for the average hobbyist.

    Java. Launched through web-start.

    Talent needed:
    2D artist - can create isometric art.
    2D artist - can create a gui/design how the game looks. It is very
    ugly right now.

    Team structure:
    Lead Programmer: Me
    Experience: Currently pursuing a B.S. in computer science at a top university.
    Have worked in multiple companies as a freelancer or intern. I've worked with people within the game industry, etcetera. The rest is best fit for a formal resume.

    It exists, but is blank.

    admin AT OR
    PM me

    Additional Info:
    I currently have a dedicated server running the game, and the ability to get more. The game is currently playable, but with shoddy graphics and very poor layout. Please contact me if you are truly interested so I can send you a link to play the game as it is, and get into further contact with various instant messengers.

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