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Thread: I've been looking into Aion..

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    max level got boring for me, stopped playing. Otherwise I would be gladly to help.

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    W00t, how awesome isn't this..

    I wen't to Spaceworld to buy Aion and Gamecard..
    And when I was about to pull my credit-card, this dude behind the counter told him to give it to me for free.. appereantly he wanted to award me for my heroic acts the other weak..


    I stopped a burglar from leaving the mall with a bag of phones,games,dvds,cds, all kinds of things..
    Whooped him to the floor on the way out, called the cops, they came and took him away.
    The store owner asked if there was anything he could do in return, i said.. yeah.. Give me a copy of Aion and a gamecard.. he said, ok.. he went to get it but sadly they didn't have it in stocks yet.
    Two weeks later(today)
    I come back to the store to buy Aion and Gamecard.. gues I had forgotten all about what he promised me..

    Anyways, the awesomeoness of being gifted with "free stuff"..

    So, I got both aion and a gamecard as I said..
    Anyone willing to start fresh on Aion EU with me?
    PM me or add my xfire.


    Quote Originally Posted by reality702 View Post
    max level got boring for me, stopped playing. Otherwise I would be gladly to help.
    tell me if you ever start agian, you could come join me.

    (Waiting a bit to install, have to do my weekly cleaning of the computer)

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