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Thread: Dead Frontier Online Zombie MMO [3D]

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    Post Dead Frontier Online Zombie MMO [3D]

    This isn't Urban Dead. It ain't texted based. Its 3D. And its a Browser MMO. Yes, this is exciting. Well there is an MMO out known as Runescape will I think is a 3D Browser MMO but theme isn't original. Many MMORPG's use the same theme.

    But this one, is set in the modern world. This isn't the place to socialize. Well you can, its mainly for you and your friends to fight zombie hordes.

    Welcome to Dead Frontier

    Lets explain the story of Dead Frontier

    In the year 2016, a pharmaceutical company creates a wonder drug, known in the game as Nerotonin -3 has gone horribly wrong and turns its victims to mindless flesh eating zombies. The Game is set in Fairview City. There is an outpost in the far west of the city called Nastya's Holdout. It was constructed from a High School well now it says an old factory according to the game wiki. You are on the many survivors that must survive the aftermath of the infection. You start out as level 1 and you finish leveling in 200. Now lets talk about the development.

    The man behind this fun Zombie MMO is named Neil Yates. In the game he is known as AdminPwn. He was first an Arcadetown part time worker and had a site of his own known as Jagged Blade Software which he makes 2D downloadable shooters. Well he decided to start his next project which is a browser MMO.

    This was the test logo for Dead Frontier

    Currently the site was opened and they was a development forum set in place for the future players.

    Too keep the players busy on development, Yates made 3 Demos of the MMO to give you a look.

    Dead Frontier Night 1

    You play as a soldier who takes cover in an old cottage and fights a zombie horde in 1 night.

    Dead Frontier Night 2

    You are the same soldier from the previous demo but this time you fight in the streets of some city, I believe its Fairview but maybe not.

    Dead Frontier Night 3

    And once again, the same soldier, but this time you have a man and his daughter. In 10 minutes you need to bring yourselves to an evac helicopter before its too late.

    Here is a screenshot of one of the demos.

    In the title of this thread, I stated 3D. hold up there, you will find out. So, after the 3 demos, later the game, thee game was launched.

    You were able to level up your character but the game was in single player only. Many bugs occur ocassionally but they were taken down ASAP. Later, Multiplayer was available. Multiplayer was co - op and only consisted of game rooms to the maximum of 6 players per room.

    Here is the screenshot of the Dead Frontier MMO game. It is similar to the demos but the improvements were much better,

    Sooner later, another version of the game was put in place, in contained better details in the interiors, music which was developed by a player, and new menu image. The site was improving well and it started making more money fast.

    Items and Weapons
    All of the weapons in the game are over 100 real world weapons. Guns,melee,and not to mention, grenade launchers. Additional weapons though are fictional. The first set of armors are real-based such as sports armor, and flak jackets, but new types of armor that don't exist are in the game as well. Known as exterminator reactives or Meshs.

    The items in the game, are food, medications, barricading supplies, etc to help support your survivor.

    Then Mr.Yates hired a freelance artist known as Greg Taylor. He drew the new avatar images and weapon images as well. And new backgrounds. It made the game less "crappy"

    Old Website

    New Website

    The site kept improving massively. Ads was not a big part of Dead Frontier at the moment but they were created by a player. Neil relied on two promotional text games called Dead Frontier Outbreak. The second installment was made as well.


    The community of the game was developing fast. They mostly socialize in the game forums with 1000's of post everyday. This is one of the most active forums for a beta game. And yes there are experts of the game as well.

    Several fan made youtube videos of Dead Frontier can be found.

    The Christmas Present

    Well, Neil wanted to give a "present" to the players which will officially come in July 2010. He said, "Dead Frontier is going 3D". Him and some of his programmers are on the development of new creatures. The old zombies were pretty much simple so the 3D creatures are more interesting. The Reason for 3D is well sometimes 2D game looks a little boring and 3D will get lots of interest.

    The 3D game will be runned on Unity. I'm sure your aware of unity. Here is the pictures of the new zombies of Dead Frontier in this link below.

    Next, they released the first 3D demo to paid members. The first demo had no zombies in it, just a small map of the rendered city and you control your survivor walking around. Well, its just to keep the hungry fans busy on development.

    In June 2010, Yates released another demo which really got people excited. It contained more of the city to walk through, basic enemies only, no mutants or bosses, and full weapon use. This demo was communicated with our server so our character's stats and everything were used in the demo. Here is an image of the 2nd Demo.

    Pretty interesting huh.

    So currently right now, the 3D project is still in it works, and the final release is on its way in 2 months or so.

    To check out and play Dead Frontier.........

    Click Here to go to the Dead Frontier Site!

    Notes : As my username for the is "DeadFrontierMMO" I am just a player of a game and do not work for the creator.
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    Protip: If this game is super slow for your computer, wait for 3D to come out, since the game will run faster. (implying you have a video card)

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