Miner Wars
Miner Wars is a combination of a Single player story and MMO. The game is taking place in the near future. You as player receives an advanced miningship in an open world in which knows no border. So you can go anywhere you would like to go. In this open world, you've got huge astero´de's filled with valuable resources wich can be harvested and sold. These astero´de's can be totally destroyed. There are dozens of different types of resources can be found in the game. From Comon to the really expensive rare ones. During playing this game. The player will have the ability to join different factions. For example, a Mining Corporation that is spe******ed in harvesting of resources. The police which ensures that all rules are complied with. Or other dark organization such as a black market faction. Total there are 13 different missions that can be done. Rescue, exploration, revenge, base defense, theft, transportation, Stealth, search and destroy, harvesting or racing. And maybe more to come in the near future People will have the ability to buy different types of Mine Ships for purchase in the game. So far there are 10 different kinds of ships. These ships can range from light to heavy. Ships can be upgraded aswel with better engines, radar, fueltanks, armour, weapons, cargo space, drilling, oxygen tanks, and much more.
So far, there are 4 different videos and trailers released. Some of these videos are still Alpha, For the people who look are interested can go to main website of minerwars in the link below


The game is comming out this year on xbox 360 and Pc