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Thread: CO Summer Extra Credit Gift Pack Giveaway!

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    Talking CO Summer Extra Credit Gift Pack Giveaway!

    The CO Summer Vacation 2010 has come, with exciting events opening up, one by one! All adventurers are invited to partake in these hot summer festivities. We promise it will be a wonderful summer, as you will be having fun with friends from all over the world!

    And here, we've prepared another surprise for you! From June 30th to Aug.30th, you have the chance to grab some great deals through this spectacular promotion! Just check it out!

    As one of the summer series festivities, CO will be giving away Summer Extra Credit Gift Packs! Players who have not credited any TQ Point Cards from March 30th to June 29th will be able to receive an Initiation Pack by crediting TQ Point Cards during this event! The special gift pack includes 10*EXP Potions (Bound), 1*Praying Stone (M) (Bound) and 1*randomly-selected Garment (Bound)!

    For more detailed information, you may refer to http://

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    If you are going to transition to full-time status and only work part-time (which I really feel is the better of the two versus going part-time and working FT), then you do not want to have things like credit card payment, or car loan payments to make while doing this.

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