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    Default Questions...

    I glanced over the website and looked at the forums. This does not seem like a bad game. But a few answered questions could help me out just a bit.

    1. Is this game heavily cash shop based?

    2. Is there a decent sized community?

    3. Not really a question, but any feedback about your pros and cons of the game would be nice.

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    Late post but here's my two cents.

    1. Not very cash shop based. There are some cash shop items but mostly extras.
    2. The community seems quite dead from my experience. It was quite lively when the game was released, but now all the towns from level 1-30 are emtpy.
    3. Holic Online (the game's prequel) was quite fun and somewhat unique, this game tries to copy WoW and fails. The game is quest-based but there aren't enough quests to level up both your main and second class properly. Leveling is also quite slow, and the skill point system cuts down on the number of skills you have.

    I want Holic Online back...
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