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Thread: can you play ff14 on pc and ps3 on same account

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    Default can you play ff14 on pc and ps3 on same account

    ok so we know ff14 comes out in september for pc , but not ps3 until 6 months later

    can we play ff14 on pc and then when ps3 version comes out play the same account and continue on with the same characters

    bassicly i want to switch between pc and ps3 depending on what mood im in
    my pc although has a quad core and a hd 5770 didnt score great on benchmark so i would want to definetely play it on my ps3 , but im not gonn amake 2 accounts

    so if anyone knows any info on this please share
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    You should be able to since it's just a matter of using the same login and password for that account.. Unless Square Enix does something weird and state that this account is only for ps3 therefore it only work on a ps3 etc etc.. but that would be stupid

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