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Thread: UDK and MMORPGs?

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    Default UDK and MMORPGs?

    I have been working with Unreal Development Kit for awhile, but I still haven't learned how to make a MMORPG out of it

    Does anyone have any examples of games that have made a MMORPG out of it?
    If you do know, how can you do it?

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    Making an MMORPG out of the Unreal Engine would require an insane amount of changes to the engine to make it work. Believe me when I say it's not an easy task.

    I'm quite certain nobody has made an MMO with the free UDK yet... But there have been a few MMO's that have used HEAVILY modified versions of the Unreal Engine to create. Off the top of my head: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, The Chronicles of Spellborn and Mortal Online.

    Mortal Online used this though along with it... which saved them a couple years of work at least...

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