For generations adventurers and warriors have tested their mettle on the field of battle, some falling and some prevailing and moving on to become great heroes of their time. Frustrated by the waste of blood and treasure in this ad hock process Levi endeavored to create a place for warriors to train and that place is, The Coliseum.

With four levels of difficulty to start with all of which unleash wave after wave of monsters all levels of La Talers will be able to find a challenge here. To prepare yourself for this new challenge you should consider getting the Saito Kimono functional fashion set, new to North America since its initial release to Japan.

Besides preparing your own equipment we’re offering loyal companions in the form of Stewart, Brownie and Domesti Maid pets. These can be acquired through the water balloon now being dropped by monsters around the world of La Tale which if pricked by a needle purchased from the fashion shop will release great prizes including the above mentioned pets.

As the weather gets hotter we’re also offering La Talers a way to cool off with the muscle man and tube swim suits that should allow you to enjoy the summer months in comfort and fashion.