Hello game developers!

I would imagine that many of you guys are natural game designers that are bursting with ideas about what makes a game fun, engaging, and addictive.

If your're like me, you often times play games just to get inspired about making your very own game. Almost every game i have ever played, I have critiqued it, and have pondered a lot about what it is that makes it so engaging, fun, and time consuming.

I find that many people, just like me 5 or so years ago, rush into coding their game and looking for tutorials, help on forums, etc, only to soon realize how much work it really is to make a game from start to finish. And, make it playable. I had this experience about 5 years ago, when I made the first Tower Defence on the web. (rs Tower Defence) very simple, dull grey screen, but a truly addictive gameplay that had many hooked. Why? it was balanced, a simple concept that could be played over and over and over without playing the same game twice.

Well here I am, 5 years later, I have the required programming knowledge in Flash AS3, VB, and some other languages, and I'm seeking all you game developers that are just starting out, who want to learn, and most of all bring their ideas to a reality.

In my past year of developing my MMO-TD Walls and Cannons I have realized that it is extremely hard to get anything decent done on your own, not in a reasonable time frame anway. So if you would like to participate in my project, I welcome you to join our team, and help Walls and Cannons grow. This is an opportunity I would have wished for 5 years ago as I was starting out, and here it is for you . If you have great ideas, I will code them, and together we can actually get something off the ground. Teamwork is the key to success in this industry.

If you are interested in this project, add me on MSN: roman.sanine@hotmail.com, or PM me.

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Thanks for your time,