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Thread: Blood of a Vampire (Invite only!)

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    Default Blood of a Vampire (Invite only!)

    Okay people! Brace yourselves for the best RP in the history of RPing!! (Gimme a break! Gotta be ambitious ). Anyways, this is my first actual RP so it MIGHT not be the best of the best but ehh.. I guess I can deal with it. Only a select few get the glorious opportunity to join my amazing RP. Here they are!!

    Lokuri (Accepted!)
    Fieryfly (Accepted!)
    Befram (Refused, spot already reserved to Groteske!)
    Anglo (Accepted!)
    FROMtheGRAVE (Accepted!)
    Takesh (Accepted!)
    PerfectlyHorrified (Refused, spot taken by Hromoplast)
    *sky (Accepted!)

    Groteske (Accepted!)
    Hromoplast (Accepted!)

    If for some reason some of the invited ones won't or can't join then.. their spot will be open for anyone. Got what it takes to join my RP? Show me what'cha got!! Send your CS in a PM for me to criticize and judge!
    I'll update the list as to who joins and who don't.

    Okay! Here it is!

    No it's not! First I'll list the council members(explained in the post)!

    Council members
    Barha: Anatasko Razic (This would be Hromoplast)
    Relgan: Jonathan ”Johnny” Hughes (Some Takesh guy I think )
    Likava: Alice Hughes/White/Clark (The million dollar writer: Lokuri!)
    Toreano: Jack Creedence (Dude from beyond: FROMtheGRAVE)
    Remetian: Belladonna Elenora Lailana di Luca (That's Fieryfly for ya all!!)
    Vertrue: Dorian Harbinger (Ahem, that's me, farag0n)

    Regular vampires
    Eve Fortuna (Here's the "new" face Groteske!)

    Alexander Pendleton (And that's my man Anglo!)
    Deus LaRosa (Here's *sky!!)

    Carlo Maimone, leader of Remetians

    Blood of a Vampire

    Vampires exist, it is a fact which you can not overwrite. They are not monsters who only live to drink blood, they are sophisticated beings with actual socities living among the bustling of the cities.

    Ancient lores tell that there exists a supreme vampire somewhere out there. The vampire's name has been told to be Vlad Tepes, although you most likely know him by a better name.. Dracula. Most of the humans do not believe this tale, although some of them persist on acknowledging Dracula as a real being. Some of them even say that they've been bit by him, these are all lies however. For in reality, Dracula does not drink human blood. Instead, he drinks the blood of vampires. This raises a question then: if Dracula was the first vampire, whose blood did he drink first? The answer is simple. Dracula was indeed the first vampire, but there was also another one who was born at the same time.

    She is simply named Adelaide, and she is a vampire too. Adelaide was the one who started drinking human blood so she was the one who actually birthed the vampire race. Dracula never had anything to do with it, he only kept consuming his own kin. Even his own son, Alucard. He acted as the judge who controlled the population of the vampires. Dracula never drank his victims empty though, they are of no use to him dead after all.

    Even though Dracula didn't have much to do with the birth of vampires, every single vampire still possesses a trait from Dracula. His savage nature to be more precise. The vampires simply call it ”Beast”. The Beast lies dormant inside every vampire and it may awake at any given time. The longer a vampire lives without blood, the higher the chance that the Beast takes control of him or her. If the Beast takes control of a vampire, he or she will become much like Dracula. They start consuming only vampire blood and eventually become mindless monsters.

    If a vampire is completely controlled by the Beast, and has turned into a monster, they are considered outcasts with no hope. These individuals are called Crix (See-rix) and their numbers only keep increasing. So if a vampire goes rampant, the other vampires will hunt it down. However if the vampires are not able to do it, the vampire hunters are.

    Vampire hunters are the single biggest threat after the sun to vampires. They are skilled and ruthless in their work. They spare no one, no matter what kind of a vampire you are, you're dead if you face a vampire hunter. Even though vampires are much stronger than humans, possess devastating powers and have a high durability, they also have weaknesses which the vampire hunters use effectively. A single vampire hunter can easily take out 5-6 vampires before sustaining a single hit. They have the means to kill a vampire, and they use them rigorously.

    All hope for vampires seems to be lost since everything out there tries to kill them. However this is the harsh truth about being a vampire, it is a constant struggle for survival. Of course, there are some quite neat sides about being a vampire. First off, their powers. Vampires can not transform into bats or such, but they can climb through walls as easily as a spider. They have excellent agility and alerted senses, couple it with physical prowess and you'll be boasting and beating your chest on how damn good you are. Boom! A vampire hunter blasted your head into pieces(this means don't go boasting how damn good you are!).

    Vampires have multiple weaknesses, some could say that vampires are actually more vulnerable than humans. Silver bullets are lethal. Normal bullets hurt like hell although they won't kill you. Sun kills you instantly which is plain obvious. Bladed weapons hurt too, especially silver ones. Fire is also lethal to vampires, avoid it at all costs. However crosses, holy water, garlic or such have no effect on vampires. They are all made up by some fanatic humans who think they know how vampires work.

    Vampires exist all around the globe. However their existance is threatening to be revealed by the Crix. They do it simply by revealing themselves to humans and leaving ”witnesses”. If the humans realise vampires truly exist, it would mean the end of vampires.
    Adelaide has had enough of the Crix meddling, she wants them out of the picture for good.
    (( That's the plot for now ))

    Besides creating the vampire race, Adelaide also created vampire societies, and eventually created the different branches of vampires.


    Barha: Barhas are physically the strongest of the vampire branches. They are aces in combat but lack in all the other departments. They are arrogant brutes who have a clear anarchist soul in them. They are usually the ones who dart off headlong into battle and get themselves killed either first or in some cases last. Either way, Barhas are considered rather stupid. Of course not all of them are, but stereotypically speaking yes. Barhas are the most common branch of vampires.

    Relgan: Relgans are quite similar to Barhas, however they are much more beast like. The Beast inside them is completely out of control, it can take over at any given time. Even if Relgan do drink blood often, the Beast can take control. It is a curse and a blessing for them. Because the Beast is so strong inside them, it has an influence to their appearance and powers. Relgans can grow claws and fangs to become more beastly, this is the closest they can get without transforming. Like it was stated, transformation is not possible. But because the Beast is strong within them, Relgans are the most susceptible to become a Crix. Relgans are also common among the vampires.

    Likava: Likavas are strangest of the branches. They have gone simply mad, and yet they are geniouses. They can see to the future, present and past at the same time, this simply creates a vortex inside their heads. Some of them speak with a very weird language, using bizarre metaphors to describe everyone and everything (example: ”The one who has face and yet does not have.” ← This Likava is calling someone a liar).
    Likavas have a poetic nature, this means the phrase their words like poems. Surprisingly, most of the Likavas were writers when they were humans. This does not fit for all Likavas of course, there are also the regular madjobs: Split personalities (highest one has been 14), schizophrenia etc. They say that every tenth vampire is a Likava.

    (( This branch is very hard. Coming up with ”clever” metaphors, acting both insane and genious at the same time isn't that easy. Think hard before choosing this, it won't be an easy ride ))

    Toreano: Toreanos are elegant and sophisticated. They are most involved with the human world, by clubbing all night long. They are laid-back and flirtatious, as if they aren't even vampires. However because of their ”abilities”, making connections in the human world is quite easy. Even vampires require money to survive, humans are the key to acquiring it and Toreanos use their charm to forward their agenda. Toreanos aren't too capable when it comes to combat. That is why they tend to avoid it all together. If there's nowhere else to go, a Toreano will fight. They prefer using handguns rather than their strength to overcome their opponents. Toreanos are quite common as a branch.

    Remetian: Remetians have their own society build up inside the whole vampire society. They are infamous of their blood magic. By drinking blood, they enhance their powers and gain the ability to control other people's blood. Most lethal way for their magic is to make the target's blood boil and eventually explode. There are many different ways to use the blood magic, even the most advanced Remetians do not know all the different methods to use blood magic. Remetians are revered among the vampires, not many wish to even converse with them. They are also quite rare among vampires, it is a gift to be ”born” as a Remetian.

    Vertrue: Last but not least are Vertrues. They are the jacks-of-all-trades among the branches. Vertrues are usually ”nobles” among vampires and to make matters worst, they are usually filthy rich. Because of their nature, they are rather serious and tend not to kid around like Toreanos. They act on instinct and business sense. Vertrues also have a natural resistance against fire, no one knows why but it's been proven. It is easy to say that the Vertrues are privileged, however it also means that the other branches do not like them too much. Some do, most don't, it's the way of afterlife.


    Okay! That's the intro, now here's some info etc.
    It's the year 2010. We live in America, New York. Only the name is as it is, you can come up with the rest of the city. That much I can say that it's one big city, filled with sewers and dark alleys. The usual stuff to make a vampire's life a tad easier. The vampires have their ”HQ” located in the middle of the city, in a tall skyscraper owned by Adelaide. There are other places which are vampires-only, but in the end there aren't that many. Rooftops are vampires best friends in this city.

    The basic idea is that I would love if you could create the city little by little yourselves. Create buildings, parks, roads, something that still fits the scene. Don't go building a dang castle in the middle of the city! Just let everyone know when you add something noticeable to the city, otherwise we might miss it. You can create vampire-only places if you want.

    Now what comes to your characters..
    You have two choices here.
    One: You are already a vampire who has or hasn't experience in afterlife.
    Two: You are still a human who is soon reborn as a vampire. The catch here is that the vampire who sucks you dry must be a fellow Rper.

    All the vampires who belong to the council start from the ”HQ” where they are having a meeting. The other vampires can either explore the city or also be inside "HQ". The humans on the other hand.. do what you wish to do! You're gonna have one hell of a night anyway!

    About the council of vampires. It's nothing too fancy, just a group of 6 vampires where there's one vampire from each branch. They don't have any significant differences but being a council member will require that you know about the movements of other vampires of your branch.

    2 spots left in the council!! Claim your spot if you want!!

    Feel free to throw in suggestions or stuff like that. You know the deal, right? What comes to rules then.. I demand average posts! 3 paragraphs is ok (although I just know no one will post only 3 paragraphs )! Try to avoid posting insanely huge posts. Of course if you want to write much just do it, but try to make it so that it's kept interesting for the others ok? Aaaand I don't mind if you show off just don't get carried away!

    Got any questions? Ask, that's why I'm here I think.


    Character sheet!

    Age(Vampires life expectancy is not unlimited. Once they reach 700 years, their body starts to weaken. Adelaide and Dracula are not affected by it. Also, add the years while you were human too in it):
    Gender(No transgender freaks thank you):
    Branch(Barha, Relgan, Likava, Doreano, Remetian or Vertrue):
    Dark Power(Get creative. It can be pretty much anything. + points if it has something to do with the branch you've chosen):
    Appearance(I like pics but descriptions are fine too. Pics help me remember better.. maybe):
    History(This is where you can go overboard! Write as much as you can! The one who has the best history gets rep from me! Now you just gotta figure out what I like.. ):

    (( PS. Remove the explanation parts from the sheets ok? They only confuse ))

    (( Here's my CS!

    Read the history carefully! There's a lot of info there which is not mentioned anywhere else! ))

    Character sheet!

    Name: Dorian Harbinger (( Not his birthname. He keeps his birthname a secret ))
    Age: 476
    Gender: Male
    Branch: Vertrue
    Dark Power: Quicksilver (lightning speed) (( You don't have to come up with a name for the power, but I like names that's all ))

    Weapon: None (( It means he relies on his terrorizing duo, means his fists, although he does carry around a single jungle knife which he rarely uses ))

    Personality: He isn't one to jump around out of joy when something good happens. He tends to keep a cool head and his instincts sharp. More will be revealed during the course of the RP.


    (( I spent like half an hour in those glasses reflection!! Watch those glasses carefully or I'll throw an internet banana at you!! >. No the picture wasn't drawn by me, it was drawn by xiaofeihui from deviantART. I just did some slight changes with good ol' Photoshop

    Anyways here's a description too which has something the pic doesn't.. ))

    Dorian has blonde slick hair and a pale skin like any vampire. His eyes are beastly, like that of a raptor's with golden and red as colour. These kind of eyes belongs to a Crix, however Dorian is still sane and tends to hide his eyes from others by wearing sunglasses with a strong mirror-like reflection. It is a mystery how Dorian has those eyes and yet is not controlled by the Beast.

    As for clothing, Dorian favors black or dark turquoise suit with a black shirt underneath. If he is not wearing the suits, he's wearing his black leather turtleneck shirt with a zipper and black pants & black loafers. The turtleneck shirt's sleeves are cut so that they barely reach over his elbows. In all three outfits he has black leather gloves. On his left forearm he has a black tattoo with a sword and two snakes which surround the sword.

    Dorian was born in Germany. The year was 1534, it was a revolutionary century. Much in the world changed during 1500-1600 and Dorian was thrown right in the middle of it. He was born into a decent home with decent parents, his life was quite decent to say the least. He had food to put in his mouth and new clothes to wear, this was a luxury during those times. He finished school normally and decided that he would become a simple shoemaker. He didn't have any wild dreams to become actually ”something”, he wished to live a normal life.

    His fate was far more than normal though. By the time he reached the age of 34, he was reborn. Reborn as a vampire, a thing that humans loathed. The vampire who caused Dorian's rebirth was called Adrian, Adrian Kalis. Instead of instructing Dorian on how to survive, Adrian left him on his own the minute he was finished with him. By a miracle of sorts, Dorian survived through the ages with no help other than his own.

    During the 1800s, Dorian travelled the world in hopes of finding a place to hide. He was constanty being chased by the vampire hunters who, at the time, weren't that big of an organization as they are now. Back then it was much easier for a vampire to live the afterlife, however it was still far from safe. The Crix existed back then too, however they were very scarce among the vampires. The fear of Apocalypse wasn't as existant among the vampires back then, now it's taken seriously because of the outbreak of Crix.

    The outbreak of the Crix happened during the 1940s, during the end of the Second World War. Suddenly, more and more vampires started turning into Crix. The population of Crix started rising rapidly. During those times Dorian joined Adelaide in her quest for a safehaven for vampires. It was a fantastic idea, and that's what it all was. The ever-growing threat from the vampire hunters already diminished the hope for a safehaven.

    Dorian was admitted as a vice-president in the Adelaide's association in 1967. The association was never given a name, it would've only caused problems in the end. Adelaide also built the ”HQ” for vampires in New York at that time. The societies among vampires started growing as the ”HQ” was built, things became a tad easier for the vampires. Dorian was also selected into a council of vampires. The group consists of 6 vampires, a vampire from each branch is chosen there.

    When the year 2000 hit the counter, Dorian met again the vampire who had turned him into one: Adrian. However killing him needed more than what Dorian had. Against all odds Adrian had become a vampire hunter. The other vampire hunters let him in because he wishes to rid all the vampires he had created and eventually kill of himself. It was a peculiar trade but a devastating fact for Dorian. Now Adrian would be hunting him, not the other way around. The two haven't met each other in ten years but who knows when a time would come when they meet again.

    (( Finally I was able to put this up here! Phew! I'm toasted >.<

    EDIT!! HA!! My 600th post is the opening of an RP!! Woot, I guess! ))
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    Default Character Sheet :)

    ((Wow, I feel honored, I've been chosen to be in farag0n's new rp! Great rp btw, haven't seen many good, interesting vampire stories like this in a while (everything nowadays with vampires is either Twilight, if you even consider those vampires, and well, not much else ). Ok, well here it goes, my character sheet.))

    Name: Jack Creedence

    Age: Appears 28, is actually 104 ((He's a young one ))

    Gender: Male

    Branch: Toreano

    Dark Power:

    Beat: Beat, what Jack refers to it as, is his own rhythmic, empathic power which distorts feelings, emotions and what not, through a loud, constantly growing beat, or constant noise. It's not so simple as to hear this "beat" and suddenly feel a certain way, no no no, that's not how it works. "Beat" is the constant pounding, the constant presence of emotion in your mind.

    It makes you imagine what you want to imagine, makes you feel what you want to feel, it preys on your very mind, re-writing it to make things the way you always wanted them to be. It's Jack's little gift to you, though by no means is it a generous one. By mentally accepting "Beat", you have fallen under the exact spell Jack wants you under. Your need for "Beat" will grow, your mind will crave it, will need it, and what will Jack do? He will refuse to give it to you. Thus, "Beat" is his own little weapon, the greatest weapon one could ever imagine. The weapon that attacks the mind.

    Weapon: Being a vampire is a dangerous thing, especially when one surrounds himself with the crowds that Jack does. Thus, Jack carries a little something, to ensure his survival. This little something is the Colt Detective Special. Not only does Jack keep it in mint condition, he's a stickler when it comes to keeping things neat, especially when they came out during his "human" years, but his little Snubnose proves a good, not so much reliable, weapon to have when in close-quarters combat.

    Personality: Jack is a peculiar one indeed, always knowing what to say and when to say it and at what time to say it. A triple threat which automatically puts him in the category of suave. He's easy to get along with, though his foibles tend to borderline the extreme. Such as his love of the smell of peppermint, though the taste could kill him, and his hate for childish tv programs.

    Jack is old-school, having been born in the early 1900's. Thus, he respects his elders, and is a more "proper" person when the time calls for it. He has a deep respect for the old-things, the term he uses to describe various things that were popular during his human years, though is able to cope with the new, resulting in his wide vairety of musical genres he finds interest in.

    Jack is a profound lyer, constantly adding, changing, or tweaking things in his life to make him better suited for the needs that arise. Thus, his life is an ever changing mystery, and only those that truly know him, truly know him.

    This is a fairly basic outline of his personality, like most people's characters, his personality will become more and more fine-tuned throughout the rp.

    Appearance: People nowadays are all about their image. So is Jack!

    Physical Appearance:

    Jack is an average height, borderlining 6'1". He is trim, keeping his body in reasonably healthy shape, though he does sometimes slip in the doughnut or two throughout the course of his meal. His skin is pale, almost chalky in color, just like most vampires. It is very well clean, and he has very fair skin, never being touched by human problems such as pimples, or moles. Upon his head is wavy, shoulder length, dark brown hair that he keeps parted a little over to the right from the center of his head. His maroon colored eyes are fairly beautiful in their own way, accenting his hair and skin tone with their sparkle. Beneath them is a thin, straight nose, angular at the tip, that works perfectly with the other features dotting his face. Underneath his angular nose is a thin line for a mouth, the lips most people have seemingly nonexistent on his face.

    Jack's body, like stated above, is fairly fit, his arms lined with thin muscle that proves his supernatural strength. Notable features on his body include his long, slender "piano" fingers, and the small tattoo on his right wrist that simply states "Diane" in generic lettering.


    Jack is a classy dresser, his true old side coming out with clothes he wears. He primarily wears a traditional dress shirt, commonly of solid colors, he hates pinstriped and overly "distracting" dress shirts as he sees them taking away from the rest of the outfit. Along with the dress shirt he wears a tie, usually of darker colors such as black, or dark blue, and just like with dress shirts, Jack hates to wear things that are overly "flashy" on ties, as he thinks it may be too distracting.

    His suit that he wears consists of a pair of pants, ranging from a variety of colors, though most commonly black. Along with it, he wears a normally single-breasted, double vented, peaked lapel, suit coat that usually matches the color of his pants. Jack also has a variety of hats to accentuate his appearance, the most common being a simple fedora, in solid colors at to not "distract" from the suit istelf. On a side not,e Jack will never be seen in a bowler hat, he believes it to be too classy, and prefers a simple fedora or no hat instead. His shoes are as varied as the hats he wears, sometimes being simple black Derby shoes, to other more colorful Oxford shoes, and when lounging around, he wears traditional loafers, or slip-ons.

    Upon Jack's body is a numerous amount of jewelry, the one thing that truly finishes off his ensemble. Upon his right hand, he wears four rings, one on each finger except for the thumb, each one is bare of gems, and is simply elaborate designs. While on his left hand, he wears another three rings, each decorated with a single, dark red jewel. Around his eck, and covered by his dress shirt, is a set of three necklaces, each plain, with no distracting jewel present. Upon his right foot, Jack has a simple toe ring on his middle toe, it's a simple, plain design, no jewel or strange design upon it. And finally, resting in his left ear, is a simple, silver earring. nothing but a traditional ring that is barely visible unless up close.

    History: Jack was born in 1906, New York, New York. He was raised in a fairly common family, his dad, Richard, a simple businessman, while his mom, Mary, a traditional stay-at-home cook, and clean type of mom. His family got along fairly well to say the least, fights hardly ever made their way home, and thus Jack was raised in the kind, caring environment a child should be.

    As World War I made itself known, Jack found himself without a father as his dad went into the service. Like what happens usually during war, he never made his way back home, leaving Jack fatherless, and his wife a widow. As the years started to roll by, Jack found himself attending school, and learning the ways of the world as he attempted to help support his family during the harsh days of the Great Depression.

    Soon though, Jack was drafted for a term in World War II, leading up to the harshest days of his life. Upon returning, he spent his nights alone, his mother now dead. Upon another restless night alone, at the local bar, Jack found himself meeting a pretty little woman he'd soon learn to be Diane. The two began seeing a lot of each other, their relationship steadily growing.

    Marriage soon entered the question, and Jack found himself hastily preparing for a wedding for his beloved Diane. Though, three weeks from their wedding day, Jack came face to face with death, or at least, someone who had beat it. His name was Micheal Johanssen, a fellow Jack had never met in his life before. Their brief meeting ended with a dead Diane, and a bitten Jack, slowly going comatose as he passed from his previous life, into a brand new one.

    Jack soon found himself alive, more alive then he'd ever been, alive with a horrifying twist to it. He was a vampire the very things he used to read about as a child, the stuff of legend. He had become the very monster that was often the focal point of a conversation between drunken old, superstitious men! As grief struck, Jack found hsimelf alone, truly alone, no one he knew like him, no one like Diane, no one. His life was a mess, he was a mess, but after all, would anything be easy for a vampire?

    As time slowly dragged on, so did Jack, slowly moving from place to place, no real goal except to live, to keep on breathing, but then again, that wasn't even a goal as he came to realize he was already past life. That's when he learned about Crix, creatures that even vampires feared! It was then he found out the true extent of what was actually happening. Traveling back to his home town, Jack soon became involved with Adelaide, a fellow vampire, who admitted him to the Council as well as gave him a place to stay.

    Life was good, he found hismelf attending the many clubs at night, drinking, partying, and though not truly in love with his latest position, made the best of it. After all, what good was a second chance at life if he wasted it?

    ((I might add more to the history, but at the moment nothing else can come to mind.))
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    Talking STOP!!! THIS IS MY CHARACTER SHEET!!! :p Read please.

    ((OOC: I couldn't decide between the three surnames, so I chose all three. *.* My favorite one is Clark. I had fun saying, "Alice Clark" over and over again. xD Don't judge me! It sounds cool. e.e Also, I hope this is okay. I hope to portray Alice better in the RP. ))

    Character sheet!

    Name: Alice Hughes/White/Clark
    (Each of the last names are used for past/present/future)

    Age: Appears 21; 209
    (188 years old as a vampire)

    Gender: Female

    Branch: Likava

    Dark Power:

    Trio of Time- This ability always creates two beings, with Alice being the third addition to the trio. The two beings that are summoned by what appears to be a blinding star (think star in the night sky, not symbollic star) are both Alice, and yet not. While their appearances from their overall features to their clothing are exactly the same, their personalities are completely different. In other words, they resemble each other in body, but not in mind. In addition, one is exactly like Alice's past self, while the other Alice is most likely that of Alice's future self. Therefore, they are simply not dopplegangers that follow Alice's every movement and thought. Since they are from a different time, or "dimension", they act differently and may sometimes bicker amongst each other. Other than the differences in their personalities, the two beings that were summoned have no shadows as well as true form. They can be easily exposed, but they can access the mind and unleash their powers (see Weapons). To dispose of both the past and future Alice, the present Alice has to be knocked out or fall unconscious.


    Reverse Hourglass- Alice of the past has her own ability to force the mind to have collections of flashbacks of the past, usually unpleasant. Most of the time, the target is unaware that they are reliving their past, for they take the place of their self of the past. When they accept the déjŕ vu sensation that is latent within them, acting as a warning of the illusion that is before them, they can escape. It is rare, but it is possible to drawn in the memories of the past presented to the victim. If the victim desires to change their past despite being unable to do so, they may become trapped by Alice's trick. Alice of the past cannot use her ability on the same person that Alice of the future uses her ability on, and vise versa.

    Cryptic Tide- Alice of the future's ability is a bit different from the other Alice. Instead of revealing the future, Alice jumbles the thoughts of her target at the present with their future thoughts, thus confusing them and potentially giving them a headache. How do you prevent yourself from suffering from an overloaded mind? Simple. Empty your thoughts and rush into action without thinking. In other words, the more you analyze the situation, the worse you feel. Only one Alice can use an ability on one person, so once someone breaks free of the "spell", they become immune to any attacks.

    Alice may seem extremely powerful with Alice of the past and Alice of the future by her side, but she herself is rather helpless. She doesn't use an actual weapon and instead hides while the battle is taken place. With such circumstances presented, the battle becomes more like a game of Hide-and-Go-Seek mixed with mind challanges. Fortunately for the enemies, Alice suffers from narcolypsy, often falling asleep at inopportune times in the midst of battle. She also has episodes of microsleeps, messing up her thought process for a bit and causing momentary confusion on her part. Never-the-less, Alice is quite a good hider, allowing her to not be found easily.


    (Body-) Standing at 5'4 ft (163 cm), Alice certainly isn't one of the tall, slim vampires that most perceive vampires as. Although she has the classical pale complexion, she weighs 132 lbs (60 kg), mostly due to the muscles in her legs and late night snacks. Her figure is rather stout, with her waist having an adnormal indent that makes her stomach appear as if both sides are coming diagonally towards her waist. This was caused from overuse of corsets, which Alice found out could be potentially dangerous (not that she will die due to the side effects). Her legs have signs of curves among their slender form that are similar to her arms, with her feet and hands being tiny. Having a flat chest was perfect for the dresses of the past, but Alice finds the selection of close for present day women rather revealing and unflattering for her.

    (Head-) A heart-shaped face compliments Alice's prominent eyes, which causes her irises to appear like two floating, blue gray eyes with a dark ring surrounding them. Thick eyelashes can be seen on the top eyelash, with none present on the bottom. Thin, light brown eyebrows with blonde tips hover over her eyes, with curls of wheat ranging from light to golden strands dangling over her large forehead. Bundled in a sloppy bun are the rest of her loose spirals, sometimes released so that they can flock amongst the rest of her whimsical locks. Although her nose appears quite long, it gathers into a cute ball of sorts, with her lips being of a medium size, her bottom lip fuller than her top lip.

    (Attire-) Alice prefers u-shaped and bateau necklines, both of which need to rest on her shoulder blades. Most of the dresses she likes are defined as princess dresses, gathering around her waist before flowing outwards, but empire waist dresses that are long and grand are another favorite. Pants, shorts, short skirts, short dresses, and any type of shirt (blouses and ruffle shirts are okay) are her least favorite. As for shoes, slip-on shoes are her prefered choice, but heels are fine; she strongely dislikes sneakers and sportware of any sort.

    More will be revealed in the RP.

    Alice Hughes- Alice of the past. She is both courteous and rebellious, respectful to men as well as ready to corner them when the chance arises. Reading is one of her favorite passtimes, but running around in a taunting manner like that of a child is still enjoyable to her. After all, she is like Alice's youth, a flower about to bloom.

    Alice White- Alice of the present. No matter what anyone else thinks, Alice does not think of herself as mad. Granted, the childish nobility of Alice of the Past and the rush of emotions from Alice of the future affects her daily life, but she simply portrays her true self. As for genius, well, anyone who could affect the world with their modernized version of Romanticism in an age where logic is steadily increasing might be known as a genius in their own way. It is insulting to her when people think of her speech as strange, though. Nothing in her life was accomplished directly, and being concise bothers her; the way she speaks is an expression of her imagination.

    Alice Clark- Alice of the future. She lets emotions rule her every action, without so much as thinking about the consequences. Intuition is her friend, and envoking the strong feelings she herself accepts in others is one of her favorite passtimes. Interestingly, her name is used for Alice's published books in the present, and Alice of the future is almost symbollic in a way that she represents Alice's passion for all that romanticism offers (as well as gothic romanticism).


    Alice Clark was born on December 24, 1801 in Great Britain, London as a middle class citizen gaining wealth and fame from her father. Her family consisted of David Clark, Effie Clark, and Allen Clark. David was her father, his locks a fine collection of dark brown curls with silver streaks adding a glossy texture, rather than declaring his age, which was shockingly only 34. His eyes were a deep brown, always appearing as cheery as the constant smile of pleasure found on his lips when he was around his family and away from the increasing chaos that came with the enlightenment era. While David dressed in prim fashion in order to battle the logical brains of the enlightened with Romanticist views of a timely writer, his wife, Effie, was an energetic caretaker of the house and children. Her hair was fair, blonde strands often tumbling to her tranquil eyes similar to turquoise stones. Effie was rather thin, her pale complexion foretelling signs of an illness that eventually took her life. Before it did, Allen, who was 5 upon Alice's birth, was fortunate to listen to her voice as she read the stories his father wrote to him. It had a rythmatic tone to it, capturing the intensity and dramatic moments perfectly. Sometimes, Allen found himself terrified as night, his puffy, light brown hair disappearing behind his blankets whenever the story stopped at a terrifying moment. The next night, Allen would find himself wondering why he had ever been scared, his dark brown eyes gazing with awe upon his mother's face when she spoke the new twists outloud.

    When Alice herself was five, her mother was three years away from dying. During the time that she knew her, Effie became quite busy with tidying up the research papers and many books her father scattered around the floor, as well as preparing clothes at a faster rate than before due to all of his outings. Most of her life revolved around David, from cooking his favorite meals to sometimes offering suggestions for his books in his slumber. She didn't dare speak her mind while he was awake, in fear that he would become bitter or as violent as the husbands of her few friends. Sometimes, Alice slipped into the tiny room that was stocked with various books while her mother organized the books in neat piles and studied them, even if most of them were gibberish to her. Effie didn't seem to notice, her attention focused on the fading image of her husband, who became a shadow that came and went like a the smoke trailing away from a candle once it was blown out. While his popularity continued to soar, Alice watched her mother grow more and more frail, the few housewives that she befriended whenever David's friends came over with their spouses often offering to tidy up so that Alice could rest. Despite their efforts, Effie continued to try to keep a smile on David's face until she collapsed one day and never awoke from her slumber. Apparently, she hadn't had proper sleep for quite some time, and her body eventually couldn't handle her. Alice was able to figure this out, but the doctors kept explaining it as a weird phenomenon that manifested into a bad omen into the fans of her father.

    The funeral was a depressing one, her father's solemn expression lasting for many more years. His writing became more dark, later falling under the catagory of gothic romanticism. Meanwhile, Alice was responsible for replacing her mother, a duty that seemed too heavy for an eight year old. On top of that, she had grammar school around the same time as well, tiring her mentally and physically. Besides, Alice strongly disliked being in the house for long periods of time, often sneaking out of the house to play amongst other kids or read more of the books in the tiny room while pretending to be terrible at sorting them whenever her father appeared. Alice didn't have the energy or patience for housework, often complaining about Allen having freedom while she herself had to do so much. Obviously, she was punished for disrespecting her father, causing her to wonder further about the unfair treatment she received. She was slapped and beaten whenever she questioned why her brother could study longer than her, was able to chase after his dream while she cleaned all day, or other things that seemed unfair to her. Perhaps it was because Alice mentioned some of the things that enlightenment brought about, thus angering David immensely.

    Interestingly, Alice became inspiration for both her father and her brother. David found himself writing tales of men who thought they the perfect wives, but something happened to them. One of his stories told of a handsome man who met a splendid wife that was courteous and respectful. However, her heart couldn't handle the love she had for her husband being unnoticed, until she simply disappeared in the midst of cooking his favorite dish. When he curiously sampled the stew waiting for him while he frantically searched for his wife, the man felt all of her feelings poured into it. No ending was ever written, or at least to Alice's knowledge. Four years later, Allen became fascinated with art and earned small amounts of money for his Romanticism works. One of them remarkably looked like Alice, and when she asked about it, Allen admitted that he was inspired by her. Apparently, Alice's longing for freedom, her saddened expression at the thought of blending into the background while her family florished, and her interest in the mention of women who strayed away from the a modest lady that did as she was told intrigued Allen. He found women who flocked to their husbands in order to assist them in any way overrated, and loved watching Alice rebel in her own way. In fact, he felt that if he did have an arranged marriage, he wanted to know as much about his future wife as possible. If she didn't like him, he wanted to know as soon as possible so that he wouldn't spend his life with a disconnected soul that only tried to please him. Meanwhile, Alice's arrangements for marriage were underway, and a match was found when she was seventeen.

    Life changed drastically when she met Conan Hughes, who was quite wealthy, making Alice a priviledged woman if she became his wife. Previously, he had a lover who mysteriously died before they could be wed, leaving him heartbroken for years. Strangely, he hadn't age in that time, leaving doctors to believe his body's "time" would only continue when he found another woman who could touch his heart. Conan had heard about Alice from Allen, who happened to see one of his paintings and wondered where his passion came from. Fascinated by her unique attitude despite her lack of rights, Conan decided to marry her. It shocked him that she said "I do" so confidently when wives were thought of as servants to men, even if she had no choice. When he questioned her after the wedding, Alice said she would rather fight the injustice against her by appearing to agree in order to disagree. Little did she know, Conan was hiding plans of his own: he was a vampire by the name of Neo White, known for transforming his lovers into vampired. When Neo revealed that Alice would be his special companion, she stood her ground. There were many windows throughout the mansion, and Alice struggled with all her efforts to rip past the wood that boardered them. Neo flinched from the heavenly rays, but managed to sink his teeth in Alice while dragging her backwards, to the door. He was quite strong for someone who could perish in the light, somehow making it out of the room before Alice was drained of her existance. Later, Alice found a journal that had scribbled notes about various women, and discovered that Neo White thought she was the closest to becoming a Likava among being turned into a vampire.

    Out of all the Likava that were born, Alice was one of the few who never became a writer in her previous life. She did, however, lead to a new reign of success for both her father and Allen. It was like her mind was prepared for the role of a Likava long before she became one, always thinking of the past, present, and future that was her life. Seeing things in a clearer way, Alice decided to take the name of Alice White and go into hiding. As a hermit, Alice wrote many journals, light novels, and poems. Poems were the best of all the experiments, her words flowing in complex stories that only poetry could capture. At times, Alice came out of hiding, collecting samples of new styles of writing that spoke of new eras. Unfortunately, none of them seemed as powerful as the Romanticism era, despite the freedom that Alice had longed for in her previous life growing closer with each year. Intuition and logic began to mingle, art and science and religion turning into balanced forces that rejected and accepted one another. Hope seemed evident, but as World War II was coming to an end, a dangerous threat caused her to flee from society once again: the outbreak of the Crix.

    Upon the year 1969, Alice heard about Adelaid creating a "HQ" for vampires. Feeling that she had a future there instead of constantly running away from any threats by the Crix, Alice boldly joined the council, having came to New York to check out Broadway, which she found fascinating. Seeing the past mixed with elements of songs and dances based off of the modern society was very intriguing to Alice. She had a temporary home in Manhattan before filling the seat Likava in the council. On the side, Alice started selling her many poems that she had wrote while living in the wilderness as a hermit, which fit the criteria of examples of symbollism and understanding the depth of feeling found in Romanticism that differed from person to person.
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    Talking My masterpiece

    Name: Belladonna (Beautiful lady) Elenora (Light) Lailana (Just a nice name xD) di Luca (Son of Luca)
    Nickname: Bell
    Age: looks 19 in fact 351 years old (332 years a vampire)
    Gender: Female
    Branch: Remetian

    Dark Power: An ability that Bell simply calls Cattura (Italian for capture, gaining control or seizure) and can be used better when she has drunk blood lately. The effect will turn weaker and fade away when days without blood passes. There are two forms that Bell can control:

    Fuori cattura (outside capture): Fuori cattura is the easy form of control. It is simply the control over the human body from someone else by controlling their blood. You can stop movements or make them move against their will. The movements are not very coordinated and it is easily noticed when a she is performing this on her enemy. Eye contact is the source to this, so if Bell can’t see her opponent anymore she will lose control.

    Dentro cattura (inside capture): This form of capture Bell likes more for it has better effects and lingers longer. It is harder to perform, but less movement from her part is involved and so it is harder to track her down (vampire hunters are always on the move). It starts by getting her own blood inside the body of someone else. A cut for a cut you could say. Bell cuts herself and let the blood flow. When the blood touches the skin of her victim it will search a way inside and will mix with the blood of the victim. Bell can track her own blood and move it at will since it is hers. The blood can do no sever damage, but when triggering the right things, like pushing the blood of the victim away from the brains, it can create illusions or fainting. The control is slowly and will not take place immediately, yet it is more accurate and last longer. Bell uses this manly for getting information from her victim and can only perform this properly when she has just drunk.

    Weapon: Her enhanced powers are enough for her. She doesn’t want to make a fuss on the streets by carrying a gun or other weapons so she doesn’t.


    ((Not made by me, but by tobiee on deviantart))
    Bell is 1,68m and weights 58 kg which makes her rather slim and what men call attractive. Her eyes are a shimmering green with a flare of red in it when she has drunk blood, the black of her mascara around it makes her pale skin even more white. Make-up is very important to Bell and she has always something like lipstick, dark red, and mascara on her face.
    Bell knows really well how to adapt to a next age of fashion. Her normal attire in this era is a green jacket as in the picture together with black trousers and casual black and white shoes. Under her jacket she wears a short white shirt that reveals her bellybutton with the text I love NY. Of course her clothing closet is much bigger than just those clothes, a lot bigger if you consider that she has lived through many fashion periods and brought for every period an amazing amount of clothes.

    Personality: I can’t really describe a personality well so mostly it will be revealed in RP itself. Keywords for Bell are: Exaggerated, likes expensive things, not afraid to use her power for her own benefit, dislikes working, likes to joke around with things that shouldn’t be joked about, easily adapts to a new situation, sometimes cold hearted.

    History: Bell was born in 1659 in Italian city Florence which was in that time under great influence from the Baroque and remains of the Renaissance. She grew up as a maiden of the house of di Luca, which meant in common terms wealth and power. She lived there together with her father Blair di Luca (leaving out the five other names and four titles he carried), her mother Fedora Gambino – di Luca, her tree year older brother Tullio Baldassarre Dante di Luca and a whole bunch of servants.
    ((Yes I spend a great amount of time looking for Italian names xD))

    In the Renaissance the family di Luca had made a rise in status due the many new possibilities in culture, architecture and economy and belonged now to one of the mightiest families in Florence. Also when the first impression of the Renaissance faded away and the Baroque started the family stayed strong partly because of their bonds with the family di Medici from who Bell’s grandmother was a far relative. For Bell all this power and might meant nothing more than lovely dresses, the finest food and too much guys who asked for her hands and she enjoyed every minute of it. In the halls of Palazzo di Luca, which was situated on the Piazza San Lorenzo, time seemed to be limitless and the atmosphere always good. She wished many times that the world could stay just like this, of course she did not know what was in store for her, yet she wanted to grow up and have children of her own, live in a nice villa on one of her famous Piazza’s and meet famous people.

    All girls in Florence and in the rest of the world got married around their 15th, but Bell’s parent believed in a different approach. Studying, becoming knowledgeable was their first priority and so it happened that Bell parents gave her away in marriage on her 19th to the son of family Valeriani; Athos. They lived in Venice and to strengthen di Luca’s relationship with the Valeriani family and their trades to Venice Bell had to leave the house she had spend so much time in and which had guarded her for so many years. Yet she was not sad. No, she wanted to go. Finally she would get a man and live the life she had dreamed of. Eagerly she left to meet her husband to be and to get marriage. The cart in Florence left with Bell inside, but when her new husband opened the door of the with gold decorated cart it was empty. The only thing what was left from Bell where the cushions which were no longer blue, but red from blood. Bell would never meet the man she was about to marry face to face.

    Of course she went to see him after ‘it’ had happened, but it was not the same. The man who had changed her life and took her chance on getting happy away she never knew. They attacked her cart in the middle of the night with six of them and one of them must have been her killer or savior if you consider that all of the others in the cart died. Yet she had become a vampire and her past life was gone, it was a life she now could never live.

    Bell didn’t flee from Italy. She remained lingering in Venice looking how her husband cried for her, how her parents cried with him, how they moved on and eventually forgot her, how her parents died and Athos found a new wife, got children and eventually died in 1710 (54 year). Then she moved away. She moved down to Sicilia where she soon was found by a vampire family, the Remetians. Of course Bell had no idea yet that she was an Remetian yet, she had simply survived by feeding and had never felt the urge to test if she had anymore strengths than that. Their leader was Carlo Maimone, a ruthless man who used his power for nothing else then his own good. He looked like the common mafia leader you see in movie’s; black suit, black glasses, black hat, black polished shoes and a cigar in his mouth. He inspected Bell like she was just a sort of animal and then let her stay in the Remetians house on the condition that she studied well and so she did. During the 1800s Bell spend most of her time in the libraries of the Sicilian family. She learned much about vampire history and the Crix. Her blood magic was strong, strong enough to get noticed again by Carlo, who was a blood magic expert. He started training her himself and that wasn’t always pleasant. He learned her to be a Remetian the hard way by practice and practice and practice. The little princess from Florence disappeared and it seemed that a ruthless monster would come from these methods yet for some reason Bell coped and managed to stay sane.

    In 1970 she went to America as an representative of the Remetian family, for the old one died, and in 1980 she joined Adelaide in the hope of a better world for vampires to live in. People didn’t like Bell for her being a Remetian, but she didn’t care and moved forward eventually becoming one of the council members. It was Carlo’s wish actually and she followed it like she had done so much times before. He was the leader of their clan after all.

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    ((Bold Is added...but there are some minor changed I would have tweaked to the character aswell so be sure to read through it again!)).

    Character sheet!

    Name: Alexander (Meaning defender of mankind) Pendleton

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Branch: Human – Alex will become a Vertrue when turned.

    Dark Power:
    Shadow Boxing – Alex possesses the ability to see his opponents attack before they actually happen. This means that when he uses his power he can tell what his opponent's next move will be and what their weaknesses are. An image flickers in his brain much like a flicker of a character. In reality it looks like he is fighting his opponent but in truth he is fighting the image of the character in his mind, to achieve this he has to close his eyes and visualise the opponent before him, this is when his true ability is unlocked.There are also weaknesses to this ability though. If suddenly the opponent becomes unpredictable or lacks any rational thinking, the image inside Alex's head distorts and he can no longer rely on his effective ability.

    Alex prefers to use a blade that was used by his bloodline from generation to generation. It is a ceremonial blade passed down to him by his father who was involved in a secret society which hunts down vampires in secret. Along with this sword he chooses to use gold plated semi-automatic pistols which are a one-of-a-kind. They use 15mm bullets which Alex fashions himself. The bullets themselves are gold-plated and contain silver filings inside the bullet along with the gunpowder.

    Alex is level-headed and serious. He had been taught to respect his elders and not stick his nose into things which don't concern him. He is a perfect gentleman and treats women with the utmost respect. He can become a jokester when the time demands for it although he rarely shows his “fun” side. He enjoys the sound a gun makes and the scream a vampire makes after he executes them.

    He is a strong and demanding character and is not one to give up. He is a logical thinker and has the IQ of 176, this makes him a gifted genius. He loves to solve puzzles, in his spare time, when he's bored he loves to play with Rubix Cube's or any other kind of puzzles which cause his mind to bend. The fact that he is a genius makes him an excellent candidate as an Enforcer, he is cunning and can even outsmart vampires on several occasions.

    Alex is also inquisitive, he loves to learn new information and one of his greatest strengths is the art of war by Sun Tzu – to “Know thy Enemy”. This is the method Enforcer's adapt to hunt down vampires.

    To kill a beast you must think like a beast, only then can you truly succeed in your goal to execute the ultimate predator – Alexander Pendleton.


    Alex was adopted into a wealthy family which belonged to a secret society which were known to hunt down vampires. Only Pendleton blood was allowed to be brought into this secret society, making it more mysterious and unknown than the Illuminati. The secret society has been around for more than 15 generations and was founded by Albert Pendleton. Alex is now the newest generation into this family business.

    Alex's family has always been wealthy, each family member contributing themselves by dipping their hands into the economic world by establishing their own businesses. The income they receive would then help in their secret goal in ridding the world of vampires.

    ((I want the history surrounding this secret society to be revealed during the role play in Alex's flashbacks because I have a VERY interesting history surrounding it and I don't want it being revealed so soon as it will ruin my character, but each time a new piece of history is learned about this society I shall add it above this comment. )).

    Alex was born into an English middle-class family until the age of 5 years old and moved to America at the age of 3. He lived with his father, mother, and younger twin brother. On his fifth birthday the night air was deathly cold. Alex had just been put to bed along with his younger brother. Alex's younger brother had always been scared of the dark and had always asked to leave to door open the tiniest bit until he fell asleep, it became routine for him and Alex didn't mind. Joyous bursts of laughter could be heard from his parents in the living room. Alex's father had a habit to drinking a glass of whiskey every night he put the children to bed, his hands were beginning to feel the side-effects as they often began to shake.

    Alex just loved to stay awake and listen to his parents laugh and have a great time, it was the highlight of his day every day. On this fateful night however, those familiar laughs turned into blood curling screams. Alex shook his younger brother awake in a panic to quickly investigate what had happened and quickly raced out of towards the living room as he held his younger brother's hand. There it was. The very beast that Alex read in books crouching over his mother and father with blood stained across his lips. Shock overcame Alex as he began to squeeze his younger brother's hand who was trying to let go and run away. The vampire quickly turned around and stood before the two twin brothers. With a smile painted across his ghastly face he slowly began to bend down to suck on the blood of the two brothers. Grasping the arm of Alex the Vampire began to chuckle to himself.

    There was a gunshot....and the events that took place after became shrouded in mystery. Alex believes that he is in fact a vampire hunter born and raised by the Pendleton bloodline, his real family had been kept a secret from him, and the possibility of whether or not his twin brother was still alive was unknown to Alex.

    The next major event that happens in Alex's life was when he hit the age of 7 years old. Alex was taught the ways in executing vampires. His father, Eldridge, was known as an “Enforcer” in this secret society and this is what Alex was training to become. Enforcer's are the offensive line in defeating the vampires, whilst the rest of the family funded the secret society. Alex led an arduous childhood, he was home schooled during the day and taught the ways of a Vampire Hunter at night.

    Alex was trained to the point of exhaustion every day and lived a sheltered childhood away from any friends that he would become to have. He was born lonely and the only thing he lives for is this Secret Society which now belonged to his father. The Pendleton bloodline are the strongest vampire hunters in the world. They are trained to kill in secret, as to not make the human world aware what they live amongst.

    Alex's Vampire Hunting training lasted for 17 whole years until the point he had to carry out his first assignment. His first assignment is what Every enforcer before him had to carry out at the age of 17 and was known as the “rite of passage”. This rite of passage was to kill his first enemy vampire, a Crix. The rite of passage determines whether or not your 17 years of training actually paid off and whether or not you are deemed strong enough to join the ranks of the Enforcers. Alex was successful.

    Upon completing his rite of passage Alex was knighted the newest enforcer amongst his family and was given his Father's sword which had been passed down before him. It was a ceremonial blade which was designed to cut down the vampires in one fell swing. Crafted by one of the world's greatest blacksmiths and passed down to Albert where he used forbidden alchemy to make it dangerous to vampires.

    Two years has passed since his rite of passage and Alex is now living a life hunting vampires. His families' history is shrouded in darkness and Alex intends to find out the dark history which his family has been keeping secret from him...and what fate was brought upon his younger twin-brother.
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    ((Haha I get to join! Yay!))

    Name: Eve Fortuna
    Age: Looks 12 but real age is 509
    Gender: Male
    Branch: Remetian

    Dark Power: Eve has the power to turn his blood into anything his mind can think of. Using little drops of his own blood he can replicate and form most things with ease copying their structure down to the most minute details creating a beautiful replica that is so similar to the original that no one is able to tell the difference. Weapons and armor created with this power are infused with his own physical strength and thus using weapons and armor he himself created can essentially double his powers giving him twice the power his body normal exerts. Eve's power can also be used to create replicas of himself and others and the replicas he creates mirror the original almost exactly in appearance, characteristics, personality and strength without any noticeable flaws.

    Weapon: Eve creates his own weapons and uses whatever he sees fit for the given occasion.


    History: Eve was born in 1501 into a modest Bourgeoisie family. Eve's father a man he barely remembers had gotten rich from helping Kings buy and trade with oversea lands that no other merchant at the time could reach.

    Eve lead a common middle class existence from birth living in a grand but humble mansion on a small island a long dead king had left to his great great great grandfather in trade for important information leading to the fall of a neighboring kingdom. Eve grew up here on his father's island happily and content ignorant of pain and misery until one dreadful day in the middle of may his mother disappeared one night into the darkness as if a demon came and stole her away. The disappearance of his mother threw Eve into a deep dark depression that his father could do nothing about. No matter how much Eve's father spoiled him, nothing could make up for the loss of his mother. Nothing could ease that pain and longing for his mother's love and warmth. Weeks passed by and strange tails of sightings of a woman who looked like Eve's mother began to surface first as whimsical stories of a beautiful woman who would help travelers in the darkest nights into nightmarish tales of a strange woman who turned into a monstrous demon and attacked any living creature in sight.

    Numerous stories spread through out the small island and eventually terror turned into violence as an angry mob of villagers from within Eve's father's domain marched onto the mansion and threatened to burn everything Eve ever knew down to the ground. Franticly Eve's father and his men tried to calm the violent mob but nothing they could do or offer could soothe the hate and fear in the villager's hearts. Screams of anger and accusation flooded the night as the angry mob surrounded Eve's father and his men calling for Eve's father to bring the witch out, the demon out from the darkness so she may be punished by fire.

    Eve's father knew not of what they spoke and denied it all until his last breath. Fire quickly took hold of the mansion as Eve watched from the upper window seeing all the cruel human faces glare at him as the crimson flames crawled up the front side of the mansion and reached his window. Scared for his life Eve tried to escape out of his room into the bottom level of the mansion but was unable to get down the stairs because by now the fire had consumed the first level almost completely. Like the angry villager's red hot anger the heat of the fire burned so roughly and felt like hell itself crawled out of the ground to pull Eve down into its depths.

    Everything around him burned and all Eve could do was wait for the fire to reach him and turn him into nothing, unto death. But this was not to be his last day as he heard a very familiar voice call out to him from the fire in a soft gentle tone as his mother came out from the hellish flames dressed in the same clothes she had disappeared in. Eve's mother took her son up into her arms and carried him off into the night to the only place she knew they would remain safe at least for now, her husband's ship. A daughter of a captain herself she knew how to perform enough to make the ship drift away from the shore line of the island out into the dark abyss far from the still bright island where the mansion still glowed red.

    Eve awoke to his mother later that same day safely tucked away in a dark room where only a small lamp illuminated his surroundings. Here at this moment his mother explained to him what she had become in bits of pieces of what she could remember. Being attacked by a dark figure and being taken from the mansion out into the country side where she was left to die. Though she did not die and instead became a hungry demon as she herself explained it. Hungering for flesh and blood like a wolf always on the hunt. She explained that she could not return to the mansion because she feared she would harm the ones she loved and so she kept away in hiding. She explained of the stories and of the kind things and of the terrible things that gave life to these tales. But Eve did not care of any of this and instead only sought the comforting touch of his mother's warm embrace choosing to instead blanket himself in her arms rather then listen to her stories and cower in fear. In this gentle intimate embrace Eve's mother took his mortality from him, released his soul from his body and killed him with a sweet kiss upon his fragile neck.

    Eventually the ship Eve and his mother where both aboard was boarded by navy men from an English country and taken into England where he and his mother assumed a new identity. At first life was hard and the urge to devour human flesh consumed him and his mother but eventually they both grew assimilated into the English lifestyle and became tamed beasts.

    Over the next few years Eve's mother married wealthy bachelor after wealthy bachelor killing each and every one of them and collecting their vast fortunes, compiling them into her own. The Fortuna name slowly once again became an important name. Eve's mother used her money to establish a trading company that would sail the world and trade spices and fabrics with developing nations as well as spread English philosophy around the known world.

    Many years passed and times changed and the world evolved as new technologies where born and new lands discovered and colonized. The Fortuna family's reach grew ever larger and larger soon becoming one of the largest companies in the English empire. Days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, years into decades, decades into centuries Eve watched the world grow and decline. Business fascinated him and soon he became one of the leaders of his mother's company. Eve traveled the world in the shadows using his powers to create a replica of himself to walk where he could never step. In the sunlight where humans wasted away their free time like the sun was nothing but a light source shining down on them, like insects, beckoning them to be ignorant in bliss, fluttering around so small and fragile in its warm glow.

    Eventually Eve found his way to America in 1923 where he settled down in a beautiful city called New York. Purchasing as much of the land he could he built himself a beautiful Victorian styled home upon a hill surrounded by long wild apple trees. Living off his mother's vast fortune Eve stayed hidden away in his home quietly formulating plans to increase profits and to further his mother's company. In his quaint mansion upon his hill surrounded by his beautiful apple trees Eve slowly takes hold of America's trade with Europe bending it to suit his desires.

    ((I decided to go Remetian because I did not want to change my powers. :3 Also I suppose Eve will remain unaware of the Crix problem until someone from HQ sends out some sort of letter asking for assistance in the matter. Or ooh there can be a kind of Vampire news letter!~ Awesome.))
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    ((Well I thought about it and I think Im just gonna be a regular human. Im not into the dumb council people lol. I'm making it now (Ive been really busy the past 2 days sorry) ))

    Name: Deus LaRosa

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Branch: Human but becomes a...dont know. Someone help me here.

    Dark Power: LaTavia. This ability is sort of like like psychokinesis. His ability obviously isnt overpowered, but he is able to move decent sized objects and at times himself and others.

    Weapon: Doesnt like carrying a weapon around, but when he does, its a regular deagle.


    Deus is typically seen wearing a white dress shirt with a tie that is half drawn up. On the left side of his shirt is a small symbol with the words Noetic Division. He almost always has his glasses on unless he is in a bind and is stuck in a thought. He wears dress type pants with black shoes.

    History: Born into a small family in Wales, Deus was brought over to America with his mother, father and younger sister at the age of 4. His father moved them across country to the town of Petaluma, California. His father became a scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences also located in Petaluma. He was well recieved by his peers and became a stronghold in the Noetic section. As years pasted though his father became more ingrossed in his work. He started to stop coming home, making his mother suspicious. This would soon lead to a divorce a few days before Deus's 16th birthday. His mother had to go out and find a job, working terrible hours at the local Target. She also moved them to the neighboring state of Nevada. Deus would be found at home, ussually reading a book and helping his younger sister with her studies. Deus was always considered "older" then his age. He was the perfect student. Its not that he had to study hard but everything just came to him. He also wasnt bad at sports, becoming the youngest captain of his varsity soccer team at 16. That combined with his above average looks made him loved by some and hated by others.

    Two years would pass when Deus returned home to find a letter on his bed. His sister brought it in for him and suspected it was another college asking Deus to apply there and he would recieve a full ride. Ready to throw out the letter, Deus stopped and noticed a familiar handwritting. He opened it up and read the small paragraph.

    It said:

    Hello Deus,

    It is I, your father. I know that once you open this and started to read it you will have the urge to throw this out. I please ask you to listen to me. I know you hate me terribly right now, but I have news that could change the world. As you know, I work in Noetic Science or what others call it, the ability to unlock the human mind. My team and I have become incredibly close to unlocking it's secrets. As I write this to you though, I fear for my life and my teams. There has been unexplained disappearances among several of my members. We fear that its someone who is doing this because of how close we are. We are within a few years of unlocking the human mind's full potenial. There's information and secrets hidden deep within us that was locked. I am telling you this for one reason... I hope you stay away from this study. As you are reading this word of my death will probably.....

    Deus threw the paper onto the floor and ran downstairs. He saw his mother sitting in our chair, eyes wide open. She must have gotten the news. He walked over to confort her but she strugged away his hand. She looked at him and made a crazy type of smile. "If...if you two were not born, we would have stayed together in Wales!" Deus backed up slowly and ran to his room. He now feared for his life. Even if he was scared, he thought out a plan and comenced it He got a bunch of his cloths and put them in a suitcase. He ran into his sister Lily's room and got her.

    "Come on Lily, we need to get out of here." She started to argue with him not understanding what was going on. Then it hit her when their mother came into the room holding a large blunt object.

    "Maybe I can get him back! I think I heard of sacrificial studies within your father's work. The idea of equivalent exchange!" His mother ran at them swinging the object. Deus pushed his sister aside, and ducked under the swing. He launched his shoulder into his mother pushing her back and slaming her against the wall where she fell unconscious. He grabbed his sister's hand and handed her one of the suitcases. "Go downstairs and get the keys to the car." As she did, he ran back into his room, grabbed his suitcase. As he started to leave, he noticed the letter from his father on the floor. He picked it up and noticed something written on the button of the letter.

    I have always loved you guys.

    Three years have passed since the incident. Deus is now 21 going to class at the Insitute of Noetic Sciences. He sold their car and was able to get a room at a run down motel. I few months later he applied for the Insitute getting in based of his grades but mostly because of his father's legacy. His sister Lily is 18, and has started an acting job. She has already taken place in a few big movies, making her name somewhat well known. This though didnt allow her to come home alot. Her beauty was wished by many. As Deus matured his face also did. He looked older fthen before and alot of women have taken notice. Smart and handsome? That combo is rare. He didnt care for these things though. Deus worked hard on Neotic science, barely coming home himself. At the age of 21, he was one of the youngest members to have his own research team. Deus was facinated by the human mind and the capabilies it held. He wanted to continue his father's work.

    Little did Deus know though, that his daily life would change.

    ((Sorry if there is bad spelling. My computer broke which automatically showed poor spelling. Also I dont know who should turn me, but if someone has an idea that would be great ))
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    Cool Let's blast off with the speed of snails!

    (( Vampire hunters move in groups of three where there is one wet nose among the group.

    But! You're saying that your guy created a bunch of replicas stronger than vampires AND that these replicas don't have any vampire weaknesses?

    That's just overkill man . Think about it. You would basically have a bunch of Draculas at your disposal! ))

    Blood of a Vampire

    The dark red alarm clock hit 8 PM, it meant the sun had just set down to make room for the ever round moon. Stars wouldn't light up the sky yet, the city lights kept them hidden with their glow. The moon would be sharp crescent tonight, it was the kind of moon Dorian liked. The bustling of the city was still strong at this hour. Tired businessmen and doctors were heading home only to be soon called in for more work. Dorian opened his eyes and set his sights to the apartment he was in.

    Dorian was residing in a hotel called Stars' Hotel. There were no celebrities in the hotel even though the name suggested otherwise. It was the usual "pissing in your drink", which basically meant they lied. This whole city is full of lies, Dorian thought as he rose from the soft king-size bed. If the hour would've been reverse (8 AM), there would've been a breakfast tray sitting on top of a wooden counter in the living room.

    Dorian wasn't one to stay in one place for too long. Stars' Hotel was just another pit stop for him. Vampire hunters had an annoying habit of searching through motels and hotels for vampires. Dorian was playing a dangerous game, but he had his reason for it: Adrian. Not once had Dorian met Adrian after their last encounter 10 years ago.

    The living room was quite gallant, Stars' Hotel wasn't a cheap hotel at all. Dorian had expensive tastes, and he had the wealth for them too. Before long Dorian checked his schedule from his laptop sitting in the living room table in front of the plasma TV. He had a cup of steaming hot coffee in his hand, it was the only thing besides blood which made his throat tingle. The council meeting is tonight at 11 PM. Rest of the night is free. Hmm.. I suppose I could pay a visit to the blood bank again, Dorian thought as he browsed through his schedule.

    Using the local blood bank was common for vampires. It was an easy way to get blood and avoid unnecessary contact with humans. However there was a down side to it too. Blood from blood packs was, to say the least, nothing compared to the warm and fresh liquid inside every human. Those with "higher" tastes never resorted to using blood packs, even Dorian belonged to that group but he had his exceptions. Tonight would be another exception for him. He closed the laptop and drank the rest of the steaming coffee.

    As he resigned from Stars' Hotel, he couldn't help but feel a dejá vu sensation. Right across the street from Stars' Hotel was standing a guy with messed black hair wearing a white collar shirt with a black tie and vest. As always, Dorian had his sunglasses so it was actually quite hard to make out the guy's face. Where have I seen him before.. ?, a question popped into Dorian's mind as he started walking away. As he was pondering the question, he quickly made his way out of the busy streets into the dark alleyways.

    The traffic was like always: completely packed. It was truly a wonder why people used cars when going by foot would be actually faster. There weren't that many pedestrians which was just plain obvious. The streets weren't the safest place after 8 pm. The streetlights illuminated most of the city, rest of the light was coming from either car lights or the moon itself.

    Dorian set himself next to a brick wall near a trash can. It was still early so going to "HQ" would be pointless. The only ones Dorian would find there would be Adelaide and maybe a few vampires seeking for shelter. For some reason, he couldn't set off his mind from the guy he saw earlier. Annoying.., he thought to himself as he observed how the stars started slowly illuminating the night.

    (( Man, this is actually short O.O

    I REALLY hope that placing your character at 8 pm across the street from Stars' Hotel isn't a bad thing Anglo . Of course if it's not ok I'll edit it away.

    Anyway! There has been a SLIGHT change to the schedule/starting spot/whatever! Everyone will start out from their homes or wherever they are. The council members make their way to the "HQ" before 11 pm. The other vampires can do what they want for now. Don't worry, soon there will be instructions for you too ))
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    ((Well it's not overkill if they can be killed by cutting their heads off because thats how I control them through their eyes. So really it's not overkill. I was trying to say they do not have the typical vampire weaknesses like sun light and silver. I wasn't trying to make them invincible lol. But yay first post! *reads*))

    A large red door opens and a pale boy dressed in red silk stands in the doorway staring into the dark room opposite himself were the only illumination comes from a crackling fireplace more then 20 feet away at the other end of the room. "Ma-Master." The boy calls out in a soft submissive tone before entering into the room and shutting the door behind him. The boy walks up to a large chair in a corner to the right of the fireplace and a dark figure gestures for him to approach. "What is it?" The dark figure asks and the boy quickly replies. "The sun has finally set...and I have come to see if you are ready for me." "Ready for you?" The dark figure asks in a higher tone to the boy's. "Yes....master.....You told me to come to you when the sun sets.....You said you wanted me to deliver a letter to Michael for you." "Ah, yes! The letter for Michael! I have it over here." The voice says in gentle tone before gesturing with his hand for the boy to approach him. "Come closer and take it from me." The boy bows his head in understanding and walks closer to the dark figure and begins to reach his hand out and forward but before he can fully extend his hand a pale white hand shoots out from the darkness in front of him and grabs his forearm. The boy flinches in surprise and trembles as the hands grip on his forearm grows tight.

    The dark figure in front of the boy lets out a soft sigh before leaning forward into the soft light of the fire were his face could be seen in its entirety. The face that showed itself was the same as the boy's face standing in front of him. "I trust you will complete this task with no hiccups along the way." "Ye-yes! O~of course! I will" "Good. I didn't allow you free will for nothing." Eve tightens his grip around the boy's forearm a little bit tighter for a brief moment before throwing the boys arm away from him. "I left the letter over there." Eve points behind the boy to a desk 7 feet behind the boy. Seeing Eve's gesture the boy quickly turns to look seeing that the desk was his next destination. "Ye-yes." The boy looks back to Eve and bows his head. "I will get the letter and I will make sure it gets to Michael as soon as possible." Eve smiles and gestures for the boy to go. The boy quickly pulls his head up and quickly walks to the desk taking a red colored envelope off of the desk, sliding it gently under his arm and quickly walking for the door where he opened it quietly and began to step out into the hallway. Though before the boy could take another step Eve grabs him again from behind saying in a very soft but threatening voice. "If you fail this task....I will throw you into the fire and use your burning flesh to warm myself....Do you understand?" The boy hearing what would happen to him if he failed trembles before replying to Eve in strong manner. "I will not fail! Master! I will complete this task and I will make sure I do it without causing you any trouble." Eve smiles hearing the boy's response and releases him before quickly stepping backwards into his room and shutting the door.

    Eve turns from the door and walks into the middle of the room and to his desk where he takes a seat. He runs his hands over the smooth wooden surface of his desk until his right hand meets the cold metal base of his desk lamp. Eve's fingers climb up the desk lamp and he pulls on a cord causing the lamp to light up. The light the lamp gives off is only enough to light up his desk and a little of the surrounding area. "I hope Michael can tell me what I need to know." Eve says quietly to himself. "He is the only informant I can trust in this city. The only one I know is capable of honesty and loyalty." Eve smiles feeling strange talking so highly of a human like this. "It's funny how much I've become attached to humans and their subtle capabilities."

    Eve leans back into his chair and pulls out a laptop from his desk. In an instant the laptop becomes alive, the screen pops up from its closed position and flickers to life and the keys begin to move on their own. Eve smiles seeing this and gently caresses his right hand against the keyboard of the laptop, left to right. As his hand moves across the keyboard a stirring noise responds to Eve's touch in a soft purring as if Eve was stroking an animal. "Good boy..." Eve pulls his hand back from the keyboard. "Now that you're fully awake bring up todays schedule and show me all the shipping statuses on all of our imports and exports." The screen of the laptop quickly changes turning into a list of numbers and strange symbols moving in all directions. It is in a strange language only Eve can understand since he is the one who created it. "Good....Good....So far everything is on schedule. This is better then I expected." Eve pats his right hand down onto the keyboard in a playful manner. "It's good to see efficient progress like this take place." The keyboard responds to Eve in a purring noise. "Now show me if 3 has delivered the package yet." The screen in response to Eve's command blinks twice before showing a map of New York in green and black and with two dots on it, one white and one red. White being 3 and red being Michael's pick up location. The white dot on the map was only 2 inches away from the red dot which means 3 was only 5 blocks away from his destination currently. "Hmm he sure moves fast when he has good motivation." Eve lets out a sadistic laugh. "Nowadays the only way to get anyone to do things right is to threaten them. Though......" Eve pauses and reaches his right hand to the white dot and intimately caresses the screen of the laptop just over it. "I do hate to have to hurt the ones I create." The laptop purrs in arousal. "They are my family, my children, my pets, my lovers, my warriors and my protectors. They mean more to me then money or words. They are mine. Beautiful and Stunning. The most lovely creations these two hands could ever give birth too."

    ((Took a while to write this. And hm I can't wait for Fire's post. ^^))
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    A small flame illuminated from Alexander's Zippo as he picked a cigarette from his favourite brand, Treasurer. One cigarette before an encounter with a vampire usually calmed his nerves, tonight he had a feeling that he would face his strongest opponent yet. Stars' Hotel...My next stop...Alexander began to fit on his usual black tie followed by his favourite waistcoat as he looked in the mirror in front of him. Rolling up his sleeves was also a usual trend for him. Looks that kill...Alexander chuckled to himself as he played with his messy obsidian hair. A sudden overwhelming headache struck his head. Clenching his forehead Alexander reached for his migraine pills on his desk. Flipping open the container he continued to put a tablet in his mouth. He sighed as he swallowed.

    It would be less quiet in New York than it usually was at day by now, he would be able to carry around his weapons without bringing too much attention his way. Attaching his holster around his waist Alexander began to holster his weapons.

    The ceremonial sword was a different problem, that could be seen from a mile away, the golden glint of the metal would catch anybodies eye...and it usually isn't normal to carry around swords. Taking out a guitar case Alexander proceeded to click it open. It in fact had a compartment where he could hide his sword from the public eyes and draw less attention to him from the vampires. There was a button within Alexander's reaching distance on the guitar case whenever he encounters one of the beasts. One push of this button would open a compartment in the guitar case propelling the blade upwards allowing him in one smooth motion to catch the blade which would be his opponent's downfall.

    The ceremonial that had been cutting them down for the past 15 generations would surely attract any vampire's eye who were not ignorant of their history between Vampire Hunters and them. Closing the casing Alexander proceeded to strap it over his back, the time will come when he will need to use the blade.

    Alexander had no time to lose. He quickly left his study and made his way out of the Society headquarters. Stars' hotel was four blocks away, an irritating walk at best. Stubbing out his cigarette Alexander proceeded to make his way to the location where the vampire resided. A sudden feeling overcame him, Dejá Vu as his mind began to wander into his past...

    ~** ??? **~ ((You can refer to this as Alexander's subconsciousness))

    I remember a time when everything wasn't so much hard work. I remember distant sounds of laughter as I looked into a mirror which smiled back at me. I remember a time...when I was... human. I remember a time when the stench of blood stained my nose on a deathly cold night like the icy grip of Death touching my skin.

    Each time I try to remember my head is forced into a cloudy haze...What is my own mind protecting me from seeing? The most horrifying experience of my life...and I can't remember a single detail from it...apart from that foul stench of blood...even now I still smell it as it lingers in my nostrils.

    No matter how much I question my mind refuses to show me the answers...It feels like a repressed memory. I also remember my trembling hands...flowing with the crimson life force that is blood...but my mind won't make any sense of it!

    Tonight is the night I take another Vampires life. It is my duty as a Vampire Hunter. I must not show sympathy to my predator, as it shows no sympathy to it's prey...

    ~** ??? **~

    Caught up in his train of thought it wasn't long until he found himself on the street which the beast had recently lurking. Continuing to walk he shuffled his hands into his pockets. The air suddenly became tense and cold. I should have brought a bloody jacket...Alexander found himself on the street opposite Stars' hotel which housed it's latest movie star, a vampire. Ironic...he thought to himself as he stared at the hotel. My latest victim is a has expensive tastes considering it's staying at this expensive hotel...A shadow of a man quickly left the hotel and looked directly at him from across the busy street. Gotcha...A smile was evident on Alexander's face as he saw his prey enter the alleyway beside him. Big I can destroy without having to worry about the eyes of the innocent watching me...

    Alexander quickly brought his hand down to his holster, feeling to smooth but icy cold steel of his gun. One bullet is all it takes...he decided not to keep the vampires fate waiting and followed him into the alleyways which hid him from the humans. The vampire turned to into a branching alleyway to the left and disappeared from Alexander's sight. Feeling the cold steel of his weapon once more Alexander took a turn to the left to see the beast leaning against a brick wall near a trash can. It looks like he hasn't noticed me...yet...Flinging the gun quickly from his holster in one smooth motion he brought the gun that would be the Vampire's demise to the right of it's head.

    “If you don't move I'll end it quickly and you won't feel a thing...” a quick chill overwhelmed Alexander's body which made the hairs on the back of his neck, and the hairs on his arms stand on end. A sense of Dejá Vu overcame Alexander once again. “Or...” Alexander gave him another option. “...We can do this the hard way and we can have some fun...” the words left his lips as they slowly curved into a smile. Alexander was not one to be arrogant and underestimate his foe, it was the first thing he learned as a vampire hunter, but his body yearned for something more entertaining than a simple execution, he was still a young and reckless Vampire Hunter but there was no questioning his ability to kill a vampire.
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