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Thread: Blood of a Vampire (Invite only!)

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    Cool A new Goal.

    ((Pyramid Head from silent hill! Aka The Butcher!! ^_^, one of my favourite antagonists of all time!!

    I'm pretty proud with this post, the first time I've actually tried to describe the scenery and a character and I thought it went well, to all of you who already know or don't know I always have trouble with describing the Character's surroundings, and for the first time trying my hardest, I feel I did an excellent job...I added a few movie references (see how many you can identify...there's not many anyway >_<) in this post and a few comedy elements to break up the misery of violence to not depress you all...I bet you will identify them straight away and laugh like I did coming up with the idea. xD)).

    A piercing sharp pain infiltrated Alexander's neck. He didn't even let out a whimper, he sat motionless as the vampire began to drink the life force that is blood from his neck. When Dorian regained his strength he cast Alexander aside leaving him in his daydream like state until he re-awoke from what insanities were creeping inside his mind.


    An ocean of darkness surrounds what seems to be a living room as a flicker of a bright light casts away the shadows and reveals a grimacing scene. In the centre of the room was a stylised mahogany table with intricate designs of thorned roses which spiralled along each of the four table legs. On top of the small round table was a cold glass of what appeared to be a light brown substance with three ice-cubes resting on top of each other. Out of everything the substance rang the most familiar bells inside Alexander's mind. It was whiskey.

    Aside from the table there was a matching mahogany display cabinet which hosted some of the world's finest assortments of alcohol, most which included whiskey, rum and vodka. Two fairly new two-seater sofa's rested along the wall which projected the same silver image on a black canvas along the entirety of the room like a picture a psychologist would show you when examining your medical condition. A large plasma screened television sat in the furthest corner of the room which angled towards the sofas. An archway separated the living room from the kitchen where sweet smells of tomorrow's next roast was gently cooking and another archway which led to the main hallway which led to the bathroom and bedrooms.

    Of all the little details in the living room, these were not the most important, the scene which took place at the other side of the room was the main event of this show. The opening act, if you will. Two blood-strewn corpses lay lifeless beside each other, one still barely clinging to what life they had left. It was the mother. Blood glistened on her chest like a twinkling ruby necklace. The father, on the other hand didn't look so beautiful. A gash of blood splattered across his face and a cut so deep into his stomach you could begin to see his intestines leaking out. The father was the one that put up a fight, the woman, not so tough, a small and barely visible puncture on her neck could be seen which produced the trickling of blood to slowly crawl down her neck and onto her pale chest, no sign of struggle in sight.

    Lurking over the murdered corpses of the unlucky couple crouched a beast of which your minds would only associate with Gothic Horror novels like Dracula and poorly scripted movies...only not as sparkly. The lines between fiction and non-fiction began to blur as a real live Vampire feasted his hunger onto the couple. A small whimper could be heard from behind the hellish demon as he slowly began to close in on his latest prey. The Vampire had slicked back blond hair and a pair of sunglasses to hide his sinister and soul-piercing glare. A trickle of blood found itself clinging onto the Vampire's barely visible chin hairs, the demon was wearing a charcoal two-piece suit which made him look taller than he already was. The vampire supported a thin frame with a muscular chest and muscular arms which added to the Vampire's already soul-piercing appearance. A Vampire in a suit, a suit can never hide the beast which lurks within.

    This was the first time Alexander ever laid eyes upon Dorian. Only, tonight was different. He looked different, like an uncontrollable hunger surged through him like an enormous burst of adrenaline. Alexander and his younger twin brother, frightened for their lives stood motionless before the beast that was about to feast upon them. Alexander's eyesight was quickly matched by his mother's with an outstretched arm who was trying with what little life she had left to call out to them to “run”. A crude mixture of Whiskey and Blood tainted the air which would sting the nostrils of any human, but to a Vampire, it smelled something which belonged in paradise. A crooked arm outstretched from the possession of the beast as it attempted to lay it's hand upon Alexander's throat. Enjoying every last moment to strike as much fear within his prey as he could, toying with them, if you will. A large figure stood inside the room from the kitchen, aiming a long barrel towards the beast that would be the decider of Alexander's doom. A bang echoed throughout the entirety of the house as smoke escaped from the barrel of the stranger's gun. The Vampire clutched his right shoulder in pain, hissing at the stranger's figure before quickly smashing his exit through the window which led out to the cold night, with blood dripping continuously from the beast's arm there was no way he would survive without feasting on another's blood within the next hour.

    The two twins now stood before the new stranger who slung his rifle over his shoulder and securely but briskly locked onto his back with a small mechanism. He outstretched his arm and took them out of their home without so much as a word, the children obeying submissively in their comatose state.

    Now Alexander was not the only one clutching the hand of the Vampire Hunter named Eldridge, his brother was holding the saviours other hand, but this raises the question...Where is Alexander's twin brother now?...and the beast that stood before Alexander in present day 2010 who finally turned him into a Vampire...he surely wasn't going to get him away with ruining his life for the second time round now was he? No sir he would not. Alexander, once more, is about to kick Dorian's a**.

    ~**Dream End**~

    It was now back to the land of the living. Alexander's vision began to fade into a state of eternal darkness. It was now time for fight or flight. Life or Death. Kill or be Killed. Slap or be Slapped. Vengeance...Or get the idea. The choice was all up to Alexander, and he wasn't dead...yet. Like some hero with a violent past...okay...not like, he is, Alexander escaped from the clutches of Death's grasp and quickly drew his weapon aiming it at Dorian's head. “You killed my family you pathetic...ugly...motherf*cker!” (although he was quite handsome)...with emphasis growing on each word as they shot from Alexander's mouth. “There is no hesitation this time. Your time is up!” Clutching Dorian's collar once more he lifted him a few inches into the air with his gun aimed at the Beast's chest.

    Alexander bared his fangs at Dorian, hissing in remorse. Remorse...a feeling not associated with a scene like this...but it felt right. Remorse. Remorse for not killing the motherless B*tch of a beast before he was turned into a Vampire. Cocking his gun Alexander began to inch his finger towards the trigger slowly. His finger began to twitch in conflict with an almost magical power which was battling against him not to pull the trigger. “What is this!” Alexander exclaimed to Dorian. No matter how much effort he put into pulling the trigger it was to no avail. It was no use in fighting. Alexander was not a human any more. He was a Vampire. A higher unnatural force was now which stood in Alexander's way from revenge. He was now a mere puppet. A subject to his master.

    Although he would feel no compassion for a vampire his mind was set. There was no way he would be able to profit from revenge if he was now a vampire himself. Besides, he now had to feast on blood to live and hunt like the beast he swore an oath to protect humanity from. A great sense of irony once again lurked over Alexander. Although, there were some perks to this new changing. Alexander would now be able to gain the trust of the Vampires...and slowly but surely murder every each and every single one of the Vampire's one by one, when they instil trust within him. Perhaps things were not so bad, Alexander would be able to get a chance at the heart of the Vampire society and stop it once and for all, to kill a threat as large as this, one must strike at the heart – another useful quote which Alexander chooses to live by after being brought into his new and hopefully last third life.

    The heart of the Vampire Society....


    Loosening his grip on Dorian he put him brought him back onto earthly ground. Holstering his gun he shot a menacing glare at his new master. Although he would have to submit his fake loyalty to didn't mean he had to like it. Alexander was smarter than he looked. Already he had a plan sorted out for weeding out the source of the Vampires. A true genius at work. To kill a beast, you must think like a beast. Only then will you truly succeed in your goal to execute the ultimate predator. Now this law had changed.

    To kill a beast, you must become a beast.

    ((...I kinda smelled epicness roaring in this post xD something all my previous posts lacked to date..hell I'm gonna post like this more often, way more fun! ))
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    Jack's heels clicked on the cement sidewalk as he walked. It was the only noise audible in the entire area, after all, it was a back way he was taking, more by Residential Areas than anything. He didn't want to have to move his way through the crowd of Party Goers that were most likely crowding the main streets, drinking, yelling, and a lot of other things Jack would prefer to not have to deal with. So, he decided on a different route, one far slower, but, he wasnt in any hurry.

    The area around him was a mass of blocky apartment complexes, one or two local businesses, and in the distance, a blocked off Construction Zone that seemed to be working on yet another complex, most likely to house more people. It wasn't anything pretty, not that Jack had expected it to be, but it was a place for families that were down on their luck, running low on money, had too many kids, and what not. At least it kept them off the streets.

    Inhaling, Jack felt the cold night air enter his throat, and go down into the pit of his lungs, leaving a slight burning sensation in his chest. It was refreshing, and put a newfound vigor in Jack's steps. Thus, he continued his brisk pace, leaving behind only a twirling trail of dust particles as he made his way through the area.

    The local family owned businesses seemed to be the only spot of color in the otherwise bland landscape. Amidst the cacophony of boring architecture there they stood, usually small, with large letters stating the name of the business blatantly on the front. They were marvelous, or at least, marvelous in the sense that anything would be a welcome relief from all the grey apartment buildings. Thus, when Jack found himself walking by one, whose title, painted in a bright red, was "Joey's Dine & Dash", he stopped, and admired it, taking in the little details. From the cracking paint on the inner walls, which he could see through two large, glass windows on the front, to the cheesy smile of the caricature that Jack assumed to be the owner, obvious by the way it was displayed above the counter. Jack took in it all, and enjoyed it, in particular the name, which sent laughter echoing from his throat as it recalled past events in his life when he too, would Dine & Dash.

    "Why are you laughing? I don't see what's so funnny, or are you the type to just laugh at another persons misfortune, yeah, that's probably it, oh well, it's not like your the only one who does."

    The voice caught Jack by surprise, he had been so focused on the interesting building in front of him, that he had completely neglected to pay attention to his surroundings, which could mean death to any vampire in the form of a vampire hunter. Thus, the second the voice was heard, Jack whirled around, his heels banging against the ground as he did so. In front of him stood a man, medium height, slightly overweight, though his face was unnaturally thin and the thinning dirty blonde hair on his head only accented it's thinness. The face of the man was hardly anything unseen, it was fairly bland, two faded blue eyes, set behind wire framed glasses that hung off his face like clothing hung off a clothesline. Beneath it was a thick, round nose, finished off with a thin, short line for a mouth. The man, all in all, looked helpless, pathetic compared to anyone else. Even for a mortal, the man seemed so depressed that it wasn't even funny, it was pitiful, and that was the first word to come to Jack's mind.

    The man sighed, and began to walk, with a slight limp in his right leg, not helped whatsoever by the large brown, lace up boots the man wore. He continued past Jack and stopped, right in front of the building, his hand resting on the small sign that stood buried in the little grass at the front. That's the only time Jack truly read the words, he had simply skimmed over it to pay more attention to thenother, more important details. But, the sign probably held the most important detail of all, FORECLOSED. The word was cutting, brutal, holding no sympathy in the ten letters that made up the word. It was a sign, to all that passed by, saying "LOOK! LOOK! I failed! And thus, Jack assumed that that had been the reason for the man's depressed state.

    "Look, umm, Joey is it? I'm sorry for your trouble, I wasn't laughing at that, I was just, just...."

    "Just what?! You were laughing, just like everyone else, everyone laughed! Everyone always laughs, always."

    "But I...."

    "Just go away, you were laughing, even when I am in my worst state imaginable, someone always comes along and makes me feel even more like crap. I don't want you to try and come up with a lie to make me feel better, I can tell how you truly feel, just go, please. Leave me be."

    Jack wanted to say more, to defend himself, he hadn't been laughing at the man's bad luck, no, he had been laughing at the wit used in the title. But the man was obviously set in his ways, and Jack didn't want to press him any further. The man was already at a low point in his life, Jack didn't want to make it any worse than he already had. Thus, he turned, casting one last glimpse at the man crouched on the dirt ground in front of what was left of his business, and the caricature inside. That caricature had been of a differen man, one that had once in his life, smiled.

    The regular street was just as bad as Jack had imagined it to be. Crowds lined it, some outside the outdoor clubs, others in line to see a movie, one that apparently had to do with vampires, or so the title said. But Jack dealt with it, after his brief encounter with the man, he had lost all heart to continue walking in the area, thus, the first chance he could escape to the main road, he did. The decision, though not what Jack had wanted, had indeed saved him time, by fifteen minutes to be exact. So, he could in fact be on time to the HQ, perhaps even a minute early if he hurried. And hurried is what he did. He had no need, or wat to pay attention to anyone around him, he simply ignored the people who called out his name, there were a lot of them, and he simply pushed through the crowds. He didn't even stop to examine a dirty postre on the side of a brick wall, one that had a character from one of his most beloved video game series' on it.

    He was too shaken up by the past events, he wasn't one to be emotional, but that man, something about him, it was just so, sad. It's like the man had birthed a whole new emotion in Jack, one he hardly ever recognized. He wanted to cry, he felt like he needed to, but he didn't, and thus, he continued his walk, growing closer and closer to the HQ with every step.

    ((Looks like I can't interact with takesh until later, as seeing that he had gotten to the HQ earlier than everyone else. Though I did include things he mentioned in his post, about the movie, and the poster. xD))
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    (( Pyramid Head <3! Ugh.. I don't like using that "heart" but Pyramid Head is just so <3.

    @Anglo: You should be proud! That's a very detailed post! On a side note, you just love grabbing people from the collar .

    @FROMtheGRAVE: That's exactly how you do it! ))

    Dorian was rather surprised of Alexander's outburst, he had expected for the boy to have "calmed down" in a way. He insulted Dorian and threw curses on him, Dorian didn't react however. He was waiting for Alexander to get a hold of himself which he soon did. Yet again, Dorian's collar was grabbed by Alexander and he was lifted in the air. Interesting, the boy still has enough strength to lift me up. I had expected quite the contrary, Dorian thought before Alexander dropped him back on the ground. Now Alexander finally realized he couldn't harm Dorian. Dorian himself straightened his suit slightly before speaking.

    "What.. is.. this, you ask? You're a vampire now Alexander, no matter what way you look at it. It is time for you to stop thinking like a human for they no longer care about you. Instead, the only thing they want from you is for you to die. Now we must go, I shall explain more of the ways of the vampires as we go. Follow me, Alexander", Dorian explained and by using the walls he jumped on the rooftop of the nearest building.

    The silver bullets in his kneecaps caused him to slow down his pace. Dorian was headed towards the "HQ" with Alexander beside him(( I can edit that out to avoid controlling etc. )). The "HQ" was clearly one of the highest buildings in the city. It was funny how easy it was to spot, considering that vampires tend to lay low. Dorian had his extra pair of suit in the "HQ" so he had to arrive there looking like a bum. The thought wasn't inviting but Dorian didn't really have a choice there. Dorian hadn't spoken a single word to Alexander after he left. It was eerily silent before Dorian spoke again.

    "I recommend you don't make any contact to anyone in your previous life. No matter how much you were liked or loved, you'll only be an abomination at best to them. Oh.. and I do not wish for our.. partnership.. to end early because of your behaviour". Dorian hated to use the word "partnership" but that was all he could come up with for now.
    "So if you wish to grab someone from the collar and throw him/her around, choose a Crix. You might not be familiar with them since vampire hunters see all vampires as equals. In any case, the Crix are lowlives who us sophisticated vampires loathe. Crix are the stereotypes vampire hunters search and hunt down. They only see death and destruction from their eyes, and the only thing going through their mind is to feed on another vampire". Dorian stopped as the duo was almost at the "HQ".

    In the end this evening turned something quite different than usual, Dorian thought as he opened one of the double doors to the "HQ". The lobby was quite big with no paintings in it. Everything had a tint of grey in it, as if the place was a graveyard of sorts. The floor was made out of grey tiles which got quite cold during the night. The security desk was located right in front of the double doors, a few steps away from it. The elevators were located behind the security desk. There was usually someone on watch, and as a matter of fact there was someone tonight too. The guard had a baffled look on his face as he first saw Dorian and Alexander.

    "Is.. everything all right?", the guard asked.
    "Evening. Nothing for you to worry about". Dorian answered to the guard before turning to face Alexander.
    "Now I would like for you to join me in the council meeting tonight. I believe the others would much like to see fresh blood here, especially the kind you have". Dorian smirked slightly.
    "First I shall get changed. There is still 10 minutes until the meeting starts, we shall meet there if you're willing to come. The meeting area is on the 60th floor", Dorian said to Alexander before leaving him and heading off to his quarters.

    (( The guard is just a random NPC. I'm just expecting that Alexander followed Dorian, is that ok? From the streets I mean.

    Aaaand now would be a good time for everyone to arrive to the meeting ))
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    ((Bahhh sorry I have become super busy today. Can you give me until tomarrow? Ill get it done.))

    ((Bahhh sorry I have become super busy today. Can you give me until tomorrow? Ill get it done.))

    Deus started to move slowly toward the door when the girl came up to him and whispered something into his ear. He could feel the gaze of the others in the room, the sisters who went up to him before staring at him with serious jealous eyes. Deus would always be cautious when someone he just met invites him to follow her. Her reason was different though.

    Gain the elusive sprite known as time. Now as a scientist, his mind was intrigued. Maybe she was someone within the CIA that had technology that he didnt know about? Maybe she was just some woman who wanted to trick him. Either way, he decided it would be best to follow her. As he followed a few steps behind her though, he started to grow suspicious. They came up to a run down building which looked like it was good enough condition to be open. As he went inside he opened the door and saw the girl standing in the middle of the room with the lights on.

    "Ok, I think we went far enough. Whats this all about?"
    He walked over slowly and removed a blanket on a chair. Brushing some dust off of it, he sat down and looked at his watch. He signed as he saw the time. He planned on relaxing for abit at home and maybe sleep for alittle before he would go back to work.

    He then leaned forward on his chair ptaking his glasses off. He then stared into the woman's eyes. He would ussually do this with his research team when he thought they were lieing. He thought it was worth a try with the mysterious girl. Could he break her. He didnt think so but it was worth a try. She was different then the others though.

    "What are you hiding? The powers of time? Is this just a gag?" If she was real, he was willing to take any chances. The powers of...immortality is something kids read in books. He has heard of some myths and legends but overall thats what they were, myths or legends.

    He then thought back to what Tyia said earlier in the day....vampires. This made him smile, for how can something be real. He worked in a field where the word impossible was not to be used. There were some things though that were just to...out there...a myth in other words.

    Deus sat there waiting for an answer.

    ((Sorry it was short. I dont have enough time and I dont wanna hold you guys back))
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    Talking Lazy Post FTW!!!

    ((OOC: Just so you know, *sky, Alice whispering to Deus was supposed to be inconspicuous (that is why I mentioned that anyone observing would have thought she was simply trying to get by). Also, Alice told Deus her name, so there is no need to address her as "girl". I know you were super busy, but I just wanted you to know these things. xD And yes, when I first saw 2 AM last night, (before I went to bed around that time ...Actually, I went to bed around 3 AM...) I was so confused. xD I meant to comment, but...I was tired.

    My mom hogged the computer from me for awhile, so it took me longer to post this than I thought. ))

    *** A Human is Turned ***

    Grayish blue hues intensely watched the purple haired prey prepare a seat that would be his last comfort as a human. Was he truly so curious as to allow himself to become a vulnerable pawn on the vast board of time and space to the one who obviously held more power at the moment? Any logical skeptic would have surely claimed the young victim a fool who submitted to the intrigue he found in Alice's statement. They would have thought he was an innocent rabbit that stumbled upon a trap deviced by a clever snake with a silver tongue, but that was not true. Something of greater forces had gathered the two to the very spot they now resided, which meant that the one before Alice was destined for greater accomplishments designated to fragile humans who tend to easily break. In other words, he was a bold challanger of life that would be gifted with a blessing...or a curse, to those who don't understand the potential of vampires.

    "Why, have we not fluttered about the same land of which we know? Haste will not get you far."

    While Alice pondered the exhaustion that was evident in his inquiring, her eyes glimpsed a peculiar sight. As if his vision couldn't grasp the raw meaning behind everything Alice said and did, the young man brought his thumb and pointer finger to the center of his specs, lowering them with his right hand as it settled in his lap. Interestingly, he leaned forward, causing his mature eyes to gaze upon Alice like he was the one testing her. Who was this lad, and how could he stare with such intimidation? Had Alice been human, she would have easily shrunk against such pure orbs, which seemed to demand honesty and diminish lies. However, Alice was a different person, a transformed being that was a mere shadow of her previous self, which was forced to remain in the background of a society ruled by men. Now she had the control in the meeting that brought them together.

    "Time is an essence that strings together all of life, strumming a never-ending melody that to many remains mute. Those that hear some of the musical gems spawn their own notes, hoping life may flourish upon the motley composition. Delight, agony, dread, awe, much is lost to the brilliance of those who know how this game is played. A pity."

    Ever so slowly, Alice took a few steps toward the one listening to her speak, the hungry mind that wished to know what it did not. Was she teasing him? Yes, but in a round-about manner that was common of her. She wanted him to diagnose all of which she said, which was only an explanation of what humans had to go through. Once again, she was speaking of the efforts humans try to inject into their talents and, hopefully, affect the world with all that they discovered. However, she also hinted that time was both the master of all the living that were hindered by their slavery as well as a messenger who delivered the past to the future and connected the future to the past, thus creating the present. Only by noticing what is presented in the present can a genius link their own ideas to the ideas of the past and leave the remains for the future. Of course, as slaves of time, they would only gain so much before all of that slipped through their cold fingers. Life brought death, and death brought life. That was the cycle time maliciously deviced, but there was an escape, a loophole that transcended life and death: the afterlife, also known as becoming the living dead. One such example of such rebels of time was exactly what Alice was: a vampire.

    "When a rose loses its petals, it gasps in horror at its betrayal, once again reuniting with the treacherous fiend known as time. Those petals become faded memories, pieces of sand that expand time further away. However, new life rises from the withered guardian, and with it resides a light, a light that crosses the many paths sent to cripple it. Eventually, this rose of light is touched by bitter fingers, which strangle the life that was given to it. Winter. A face of time when its wickedness rushes after all the lives that dare to challange it. Death. When light is drained from life, all that is left is despair, but in that despair is a glimmer of light that fights desperately for the flickering life that will soon diminish. Spring. This is a time of revival, when melody that was lost spread songs of rebirth. Afterlife. Light meets darkness, and darkness merges with light, transcending time."

    With the last words, Alice was standing by the lad's left side, nearly levelled with his ear. Would he understand the message that she offered him, and if so, how would he react? A mischievous grin appeared on her lips as she peered at the expression that gradually overwhelmed his face, sending the sensation throughout his body. Even if he wanted to resist or even speak what he thought of all that she said, it was too late. Sucking in a breath of preparation, Alice's sharp teeth pierced into the flesh that would soon lose its glow, gaining the pale hue that was common of the undead. Instead of aiming for the usual position on his neck, though, Alice bit into the soft clavicle, where the brachial plexus was. She made sure not to destroy the nerves, but with enough pressure, he would find it difficult to lift his left arm in order to stop her, and she could easily dodge his right arm. As the warm, sticky liquid travelled down her throat and through her body, she could almost feel the life of her victim about to reach a critical point. What was he thinking? Was he scared? Astonished? Regretful? Soon, there was no response from the motionless body that would eventually lead the trapped soul of the being into a new life.

    *** Arrival at HQ: Just in Time ***

    Everything on the way to "HQ" would have been a blur in the eyes of someone being lead by Alice, which would have been the new recruit if he had regained consciousness along the way. Taxis would have been handy to reach the destination, since the late hour promised more people walking on foot than by vehicle, but it would have been too much to explain why a young man was drapped around her shoulders. To be honest, not much changed about him, aside from his complexion. Since she wasn't greedy for blood, Alice didn't cause a mess when it came to slurping away at it, thus making it less suspicious as to why he wasn't awake and walking. Well, not that she knew if he did regain consciousness, for Alice continued to hurry through a residential area that seemed even more dead than the pair zipping through it. Keeping up a steady breathing technique, Alice darted pass low branches and shadowed trunks within a narrow forest that lead directly to "HQ". After using shortcuts and the speed given from becoming a vampire, Alice entered the building, nearly collapsing from the long distance run.

    ((OOC: Yup, I plan to talk about making it to the meeting and all that in my next post, since I got lazy with this post. :l ))

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    ((Currently writing my post, but I'm going out with my family soon to a family friends birthdays dinner party at some reservations at a fancy it will be up some time tonight!

    Gah! I said I was gonna post but when I got back I got absorbed in finishing off my new role play and finally got it finished...I PROMISE it will be up tomorrow when I get up before all you guys wake up in America. Sorry for the hold up I know you wanna get this snowball moving!

    Post shall be up within the next hour!))

    “You've got a lot of nerve to be ordering me around so quick...don't you remember we were still enemies not ten minutes ago...we still are” Alexander mumbled the last words to himself as Dorian left. Turning to the guard Alexander eyed him up and beamed a devious grin. He jolted towards him and bore his newly found fangs at him instantly making him jump out of his skin. “So, tell me, where the hell can I go wash myself up in a place like this?”.

    The guard's finger began to tremble as he pointed to the two doors which led into a hallway. “Second door on the right”. B*tch Alexander thought to himself and chuckled. Instantly making his leave Alexander made his way to the men's room. Just as Alexander left the entrance two more vampires had just arrived, a female and a male slung over her back. Upon entering the men's room it wasn't something Alexander was usually accustomed to. It looked stylish, and looked so clean like it has never been used before. Making his way to the mirror Alexander took a long look at himself touching every new facial change, mostly his fangs.

    His complexion was paler now and the most noticeable change, apart from his fangs were his blood red eyes. He looked like a demon. So this was it. He was now officially a vampire. Taking a cigarette out of his pocket he sparked it up and began to smoke. He was in a building full of vampires and it was quite hard for him to restrain himself from beating the cr*p out of every single one of them. Drawing his gun, Alexander began to point it at the mirror image of himself, showing fancy gun work with flicks and twirls with his gun. Sighing he holstered it again and began to clean himself up.

    Five minutes past until Alexander was looking as sharp as he did before the fight. Rubbing his hand from his jaw line to his chin he began to chuckle to himself. “Damn Alexander, you are too good looking”. He began to whistle as he left to men's room and proceeded to make his way to the council chambers. 60th floor...Oh I cannot wait to see all the head honchos. Calling the elevator he made his way inside and pushed the button to the 60th floor. It took another two minutes until he reached the council chambers. The elevator was surprisingly fast. Two more minutes until the meeting would start. It would seem there was somebody else already here. He kind of looked like a bum with partly ripped clothes and thick messy dreadlocks, or he could have been thrown through a wood chipper, either one seemed likely at this point.

    The room was extremely large. A mahogany table around the room into a circle so everybody could see each other. Each chair themselves belonged to a certain council head, and that bum of a vampire was sleeping away in his chair. Jonathan Hughes the Relgan council vampire, and he's a bum...go figure. Spotting Dorian's council seat Alexander smiled. Alexander proceeded to walk over to the chair and sit on it himself, surely just to p*ss off the vampire that turned him. Relaxing himself he put his feet onto the table and crossed them, and then interlocked his fingers behind his head like he had not a care in the world. Yawning Alexander began to stretch, he would now have to wait for the arrival of the rest of the vampires that he would soon kill.

    ((Fairly short and not as good as my last I know...but at this point...theres not much else to do.))
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    ((Okay time to get this thing alive again ))

    Bell was slightly surprised that Eve hadn't moved or tried to hold her back, but she didn't show this feeling. Her face stayed plain and normal while she walked back and opened the newly made door. She could almost feel the blood running though it and was sure that if she tried she could make the door move on his own. It was made of blood afterall. Quickly she turned around and when she saw nobody she swiftly placed her own fangs in her arm which caused the blood to slowly starting to come out. Holding her arm against the door for a moment she let her blood mix with the door and thus with Eve's blood.

    "Dentro Cattura." She whispered while she took her arm of the door and watched how her blood disappeared without leaving a trance behind. A small smile crossed her lips and then she walked off. Never knew when that could come in handy again.

    25 minutes later

    The doors of the vampire HQ opened without a sound when she entered and walked inside. Her footsteps resonated slightly through the queit building. There were people working this night, but it never was really that busy here. Bell likes the quietness. She walked towards the elevator seeing that it was already going up. Sighing she pressed the button and started to wait for the elevator to come down again. Of course she could take the stairs, but that would take way to long and was too tiring. For once she wished that she was a vampire like those from the fairy tales. Then she could simply transform into a bat and fly up to the 60th floor. Who the hell ever thought of something that stupid as people turning into animals was just crazy. Like that would ever happen...

    The elevator arrived and the doors opened smoothly. She reached up to the upper button and leaned back to the wall when the doors closed again. As usual there was a boring tune in the elevator. She surely had to say something about that later. She flipped open her phone and pressed 2 and after that the green call button. The phone automatic connected her to Carlo.

    What did he say? The man grumpy voice came from the phone.
    "He was quite aggresive and attacked me first, but I think we have somehow come to something in closer terms. Due my limit in time I had to leave before I could finish everything proper, but I left something of me behind just in case. Also I plan on going back tomorrow or maybe next week." She said thinking about the invitation thing.
    Hmpf, I had expected more from you Donna di Luca. Make sure you convince him no matter what. As for the meeting...

    Bell closed the phone when she was about the enter the meeting hall. Sighing she placed her hand on the door handle which was gold and kinda cold. She wondered for a moment what the meeting would be like. The other vampires didn't really like her much for being a Remetian and for speaking just for Carlo. Well she couldn't really care less about what they thought, but it would be nice to have someone with who she could talk for once. Silently she opened the door and entered the large hall.

    There were two members already. Wait. No, there was only Mister Hughes, the Relgan council member. On Dorian's seat sat a stranger. Her green eyes moved over his messy hair and his cigarette, over his feet that rested on the table and hsi hands behind his head. Who was this new guy? Did something happen to Dorian? Fate had it that the chair of the Remetian council member was next to the Vertrue's one. Without a sigh of haste Bell strolled over towards her seat while continuing observing the guy. She pulled her chair back and sat down without moving her eyes from him. If he was dangerous then keeping an eye on him would be the best thing to do. Concentrating she could feel her blood rushing through her veins, she stretched out this feeling to feel his blood, his heartbeat. One wrong move and she would make sure he regretted it.

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