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    Default not how wonderland used to be

    In this world there are many mysteries, one of wich is the mystery of Alice in wonderland, there have been many tales, and paradoys of this magnificent story, but only one matters to me, the story of Alisson clark, and her sister melody clark. The story is told form the begignign of Alisson and Melody's lives, Thier Mother died in a tradgic accident, and thier father commiting suicide, they had to go live with thier aunt gurtrude, and her house is where the story begins.

    Upon a little hill there is a party, a party for the proposal to Alisson clark, the sister who was always serious. Alisson and Melody mother had died long ago, and they went to live with thier autn gurtrude, but since gurtrude wants them out of the house she is making them both marry a two wealthy men. Alisson and Melody both refused, but they are being forced to. But what happens when Melody wanders away form the party without Alisson and ends up in a world of toruble, when she meets a mysterious boy wearing a rabbit costume, who tells Melody to get her sister and jump into a hole in the ground? At first the sisters think he is kidding, untill they get pushed down the hole, and into a world of spiraling messes.

    This is set in a modern day Alice in wonderland story, though some things are old fashioned most of it has been changed by me. First of, the animals are now humans dressed as animals, Exp. the white rabbit is a boy wearing rabbit ears and old fashioned clothes, and the cheshire cat should be neko like.


    Alisson and Melody are sisters who just got pushed down the rabbit hole, they have to find thier way through this maze of a wonderland and at the same time figure out why they are there. Along the way they will meet many people, each with a different story.

    Alisson (oldest sister): Llewlyn
    Melody (youngest sister): MelodyMouse
    white rabbit: Groteske
    queen of hearts: open
    mad hatter: open
    doormouse: foxysister (i almost called you sexy sister!! )
    march hare: Bloodyjane22345
    cheshire cat: Screenfox
    tweedles: open

    other: (these can be creatures that you make up for the sole purpose of making up a character, but I also want the spots above to be filled in)


    Dont be meta.
    Dont godmod.
    Listen to what I say.
    I have the right to deny your applications.
    Atleast one-two pargraphs with six sentances in each.
    Dont freak out if people cuss, or fight, its natural.
    This will be somewhat mature.
    If you wish to play the spot of Alisson Pm me first, because I wish to have whoever plays Alisson also be a co-gm.
    Only 2 characters unless I know you can handle more.

    character sheets: (alright, keep the gender ratio even please, I would like the mad hatter the white rabbit and the cheshire cat to be boys because i know there are alot of girls who play them and make them girls also, and it somewhat annoys me because then the gender balance goes off)

    apperance: (description, anime/real, drawings, i dont care)

    my character sheet:

    name: Melody Clark
    age: 15
    gender: female
    Melody has long blonde hair and pale skin. Bright blue eyes, and a blue dress. She stands at about 5 foot nothing and weighs only about 100 LBS, she learned long ago that she gets her looks from her mothers side of the family, and looks exactly like her and Alissons great-great-great Aunt Alice.

    personality: Melody is very irrational, still much like a child though she just reached teenage years. Her sister is the only person who can calm her down, she hates when people try and boss her around, only her sister can really tell ehr what to do. Otherwise she gets really mad and tries to hurt whoever bosses her aorund. Naturally she is very adventurous, wanting to try everything and do everything, when she was young she had once eaten a worm because she had been dared to, and ever since she has been a crazy child, not listening, goign on mini adventures, and joking around. Though most her jokes arn't funny, she dosn't mind. She enjoys cool weather to hot weather and can get very irritated and moody when its hot outside.

    history: Melody's mother died when she was just a baby, she had gotten run over by a mad driver on her way walking home from work. Melody hardly remembers thier mom but knows that she looks like Aunt gurtrude because her mother and her aunt were twins. For the frist couple years of her life everything was a blur, her sister and her would normally go to parks, or wlak along the hill that led to the forest. Or they would sit and watch thier Aunt sow clothes. Though Melody loves her aunt gurtrude she knew Gurtrude didnt want kids, and hadnt planned on taking in Melody and Alisson, but had calmly accepted the offer seeing as thier father had commited suicide after thier mothers death. By the time that Melody was around seven she was beggining to not listen to anybody, usually just puffing out her cheeks and crossing her arms when someone other than alisson told ehr to do something. This got her in alot of toruble over the years, but she didnt mind. After a while She started to show interest in her other family members and visiting them rather often.
    Once she reached thirteen she had the joy of watching her sister have to be proposed to. Her proposal party was staged upon a hill, near the forest, and that is when she met the rabbit boy. Dragging alisson along with her as they found themselves in a world filled with toruble.
    + snow
    + cold things
    + kittens and puppies
    + going on adventures
    + magic
    + dares
    x being bossed around
    x being annoyed
    x hot weather
    x sweating
    x fattening foods
    x any form of chores
    - Fear of blood
    - Fear of spiders
    extra: She wears a dress all of the time.
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