Team name:
Currently there is no team name, but we've been thinking about Team Zenith.

Project name:
Zenith: Unity of Eden or Zenith Online < for short.

Brief description:
We started development on it late June and only have bare basics down in terms of engine, a few sprites and GUI.

Target aim:
We're planning on finishing this up and releasing it for beta if we can get a good team of developers on hand. Later is unplanned at the moment.

This is open to anyone willing to help out or volunteer, we can't offer any compensation as we have none.


(Target system, programming language and/or tools, Artist tools, Sound tools.)

Talent needed:
Currently a programmer efficient in vb6 and mirage source is needed, also we're looking for a spriter who can make some good item icons and other stuff. Anyone else willing to contribute in terms of sound, and web design.

Team structure:
Right now it's only me and my friend William who's helping out with ideas and will be moderating. I'm working on tilesets, and art direction.

Website: - The site has barley started and there's not much but a big pic link to the forums.


Additional Info:

Eden, vastly populated by creatures, but ruled by man. Contradicted throughout history as godless, but unknowing about what is to come. A lone prophet sought through prayer to bring what wickedness was that came, to an end. With endless attempts to shine light down on upcoming disasters, the warnings from the prophet were about to unfold onto Eden and everyone who inhabited it. Soon the Monoliths that nurtured the land of Eden would be over ran with wickedness, causing hopes to crumble into dust. Please, for the sake of Eden, and us, Help us restore what balance was left.

;\\-A Glimpse of Early Stages-//;
Screenshot is in early stages and shows the GUI, a WIP Tileset, and some WIP armor. etc. The GUI has changed currently.

Some/Constructive ONLY