This patch only fixes a few text bugs.


* Spiritmaster skill "Summon Energy of Water III" is now "Summon Water Energy III" to match levels I and II.


* Grass for the Grave Robbers [Asmodian] now succesfully loads so that the player can continue the quest.
* Granker for Gark – Dictionary link for "Silver Granker" now appears correctly in Quest Journal.
* The 3 Keys – fixed naming inconsistency issue with NPC Abyssal Key Guard. Now correctly named Flame Judge Bolcan.
* "Decontamination" – added appriopriate "Repeatable Tag" to Quest.
* "Containing the Poison" – Fixed several text-related issues.


* "[Location Name] Aetheric Field Monitors" have been shortened to "[Location Name] Field Monitors" so that their names display fully.


* Macro variables no longer use "%" and "#". The in-game Help for Beginners has been updated to reflect the correct usage of these variables, and new characters’ example macros will have the correct variables in them. (This unfortunately does not apply retroactively to characters that already exist.)