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Thread: Werewolves, Vampyres, Elves [fantasy, literate RP]

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    ((So I saw that no one had posted in a few days, so I thought I would try to revive the dying RP. sorry sis.))

    JT split into a run as soon as he was out of sight of the werewolf school. Down alleyways, across busy streets, bursting through crowds of people, until he say the sign.
    Armond's School,
    Home of the First Born Vampire

    JT chuckled to himself
    "Of course. So blatantly obvious; such a vamp thing to do.." He muttered as he strode up to the schools door and just let himself in. Being half vampire gave him some rights to the place. His first instinct was to check the lounge for his old teacher Mr. Raphael. He'd know where the Headmaster was.
    "If I were a teacher..where would I be.." He wondered aloud as he passed a door with a sign that read 'Lounge'. "Duh." JT said to himself as he knocked and entered, quite surprised to find Mr. Raphael, the Headmaster, the Headmaster's sister, and an elf sitting in the room. Also not just any elf, the Headmaster of the elvish school. "What luck!" He surprised himself by saying. Instantly, he apologized for speaking out of turn.
    "Sorry, sir. I should've asked permission rather than burst out comments like that." JT chastised himself as he faced the Vampire Headmaster.
    "Headmaster," He turned to Llewelyn, "And Headmistress, Sir Rorke Silvertongue, as ordained by the Queen of England herself, has cordially invited both of you to join him at his castle in Rimmington. He urges you to bring your most valued and prestigious teacher, and the top two students in your school." He paused. "And I must warn you, he does not take no for an answer."
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    (ahhh sorry my sister stole my interne, if is not to late to post then here smy post)

    Alice looked timidly up at the large school infront of her. She knew she was incredible late, but that was normal for her, she sighed as she began the long walk into the building, trying to postpone any punishments she would get for being late. Armonds school for vampires wasnt exactly her first choice of schools, but it worked fine, atleast it was a school, and she didnt have to be in the same house a sher nagging siblings all day. Though most of them would also be going to Armonds. She sighed, thinking of Moony, the very Moony werewolf girl who babysat her whenever she wasnt at work. She groaned, being aorund Moony wa slike being around a ticking time bomb, and she could hardly have friends over because of moony, nagging for them to stop acting badly. Alice looke dup, realizing she had entered the building, she had no idea where her classes where though.
    Alice stood dumbly, in at the entrance of the building, not knowing where to go. She hadnt realized that she would actualy have to remember where her class was. She groaned and mentally kicked herself for being so stupid. Great! Where is Moony when I need her! Stupid school, stupid parents! She cursed in her head. Her face almost emotionless as she began to wander through the hallways. Seeing if anybody would find her and tell her where to go.

    Moony sat boredly at the front desk to the music store. Staring through a magazine with alot of music artist and news in it. She closed the magazine as she heard the familiar ding of the door opening and hitting the bells on the ceiling. She sighed, put on a happy face and got up.
    "Hello sir, how may I help you today!"
    She said in the most happiest voice she could muster up. The man must have not been very convinced with her kindness, because he seemed to not care about her greeting.
    "just looking around"
    He said with a large sigh. Moony rolled her eyes and reopened the magazine, waiting untill he left before calling one of the employees to work the front desk.
    "hey jimmy, its your lucky day, its time for my lunch break, work the counter and dont screw it up"
    She said an happily skipped off, to the back of the store to mess with the drum kits.
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