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    Default Welcome to the FrEaK sHoW

    Kansas, Boring, flat, and has many weather mood swings. This is where the story begins. A group of kids, all of them unknowingly sharing the same fate, find a poster, or flyer, or a mysterious letter in the mail with a flyer in it. Once opened the Flyer reads.

    "Tonight only! Circus Meroi comes to kansas! we will be pleased to have you!"
    "we have no set location, but we know you will find us"
    "be there, 10:00 Am, tuesday"

    Most shrugged off the last part as just a strange way to say the location. These kids all get this strange flyer, with a picture on it of Circus Meroi, the question is, do they stay home and miss the chance of a lifetime, or do they go and have the time of thier lives.

    Only problem is, its on a school night, and most the kids parents wont let them go. but that dosent mean they wont try.

    But theres another problem, the kids dont know about the owner.

    Circus Meroi:
    Owned by Kirk meroi, he has an outstanding record for the kidnapping and dissapearances of hundreds of teens and children all over america and england. He is extremly dangerous, dont be fooled by his charms. His second in command is the Magician, No one knows the Magician By any other name, but he is also extremly dangerous.

    Previous year in London:
    The same note had been sent to over fifty kids, only twenty apperead, after seen walking into the Magicians tent they were never seen again. After a few months the circus was said to have only seven new additions to the family, ranging form deformed clows, to other strange creatures.

    The Magician.
    Kirk Meroi.
    Animal handlers.
    bearded lady.
    Real live mermaid.
    spider girl.


    Do not be Meta-meta means, you can not know everything about everybody, these kids didn't know eachother untill they arrive at the circus.

    Do not Godmod.

    Do not kill off other characters without the users aproval.

    Post atleast two paragraphs (if not more) with six sentances in each, If you are able to post more than two paragraphs then you will be crowned "Banana king" I will also accept only one paragraph.

    Cussing is alloud, but to a minimum.

    Try and not post like multiplying rabbits, it gets annoying.

    Anyways, I will accept people with lower standerds than this, if they promise to atleast post two paragraphs.

    I will give three warnings to one liners before they are kicked out.

    character sheets:

    apperance: (real/anime, but I do expect a small bit of description)
    personality(one paragraph please):
    sexuality(because sometimes this is important):
    history (DETAILED PLEASE):
    Fears (this is important):

    Will post my sheet later...Typing is making my finger hurt.

    (just so you know, I will also accept sheets for people wanting to be one of the london kids who "dissapeared")

    name: Charlotte Bedale
    age: 17
    gender: female
    apperance: Charlotte has dark brown hair, and dark, dark, almost black looking brown eyes. She has pale skin, and mostly wears, very heavy makeup. She normally wears her hair halfway up, with a black and white headband. She stands at about 5'4" and weighs about 110 LBS. She wears a black hoodie, along with a lime green top underneath, and a pair of lime green tripp shorts. She has a several tattoos, on her neck is a tattoo of a necklace, making it look real, she ahs a tattoo on her shoulder of the grim reaper. She also has angel wings on her back and the nautical stars on both sides of her hips and meeting at her bellybutton.
    personality(one paragraph please): Charlotte has many personality's, she is sometimes known as a Moody brat who always wants her way, and at other times she is known as a calm, graceful girl. She would rather not argue with people, seeing as it gets annoying very fast, and can get very angry when annoyed. Sometimes she will lapse into a quit state, this is mostly when she is thinking very hard, or very sad. She hates people who think she is Bi-poler, because in fact, she is just a rather hormonal teenage girl, with alot of mixed feelings. She prefers to go to alot of parties, though her parents rarely let her, though that dosnt mean she dosnt sneak out.
    sexuality(because sometimes this is important): Bisexual
    history (DETAILED PLEASE): She was born on a cold snowy night. Thus eversince then she has liked the snow, she has two sisters, and four step brothers, two of wich are in college. Her father was a drunk and would normally come home and beat thier mother, if thier mother had fled for the night, he would usually turn his fist upon Charlotte and her older sister Lonny. She endured these beatings for years, untill her father started to do it even when he wasnt drunk, blaming Charlotte for things and then hitting her around. Thankfully thats as far as her punishments went, when she was around ten She went to school and had to lie about the broken nose, bloody lip, and bruised cheek to the teacher. But the teacher didnt listen and instead turned her father and mother in. Her father went to jail for child abuse, her mother had fled as soon as she found out about the charges on her husband, and is now missing.They shipped Charlotte, and Lonny off to a foster home, thier other sister was given to a nice couple in florida, while her two older brothers bought an apartment.
    For two long years she was living with the davis family. They took good care of Charlotte and Lonny, but The davis' were both very old, and soon to scheduled to die. After the death of her husband, Nichelle Davis couldnt take very good care of Charlotte and Lonny anymore, and soon they were given to two different family's because they couldnt find anybody who would take in two foster kids. Charlotte went and lived with the Sommers, a young couple who couldnt have children, and had wanted to adopt Charlotte because she was only aorund twelve at the time. She never saw her sister Lonny again, but a few weeks later on the news came a report about a local girl who had been raped and murdered. It was Lonny. For a long while Charlotte wouldnt talk to anybody, she would just go to school and pretend everything was alright. After a long time The Sommers moved to Kansas, where they thought that Charlotte would get better and make new friends.
    Charlotte, and the Sommers have been living in Kansas ever since, she never heard form her old siblings again. Somewher along the way she met a girl named Samantha Banks, your sterotypical emo girl. Charlotte befriended Samantha and they became good friends, although Charlotte didnt wear only black. And she wasnt considered a emo at school or anywhere else. Samantha then introduced her to a few kids who were like Charlotte, though most of them were druggies. After a long while she slowly started doing drugs to, going to wild parties and raves. Hanging out with Samantha and the "Quad Squad" who were Samanthas sister, cousin, and cousins boyfriend. Charlotte became known as the Moodiest of the group.

    One day while wlaking along Calvert St. She noticed a large flyer, it was for circus meroi. She quickly pulled the poster of of the board it was on and stuffed it in her bag. later going home and reading it. She showed her foster mother Alice Sommers, but she said no. But that wasnt going to stop Charlotte, she would find some way to sneak out and go to the Circus.

    +odd things
    +scary things
    - scaredy cats
    -being told what to do
    -cancelled parties
    -losing friends
    Fears (this is important): arachniphobia-fear of spiders, fear of father, fear of abuse, fear of blood/bloody things/her own blood.
    Extra: None

    name: Skeleton face. (formerly Lily may borden, but cant remember real name)
    age: 18
    gender: female
    apperance: Skeleton face has two faces. Half of her is human, and that half has Long black hair and Bright blue eyes. along with pale red lips and pale skin. Wearing a clean white dress. This is only for the right half of her body. Her left half is all skeleton, yellowing with age and gray hair. Her left half of her mouth is just teeth, and her eye is just an empty socket. Her dress is torn and you can see her ribs.

    personality(one paragraph please): Skeleton Face is cold. And dark, eversince she changed into what she was. She hates all living creatures who are perfect, and she tries to kill perfect things. She has a thirst to murder, only because she has been halfway murdered. She hates all living creatures, including her own, living right half.
    sexuality(because sometimes this is important):
    history (DETAILED PLEASE): Skeleton face was born in London, she was raised there with very good parents, though she was lonely sometimes because she wa san only child. Her mother one day was killed in a car crash, her father was sad enough that he stayed at work all the time. Leaving Skeleton face home alone. She hated her father and mother for practically abandoning her. So she normally stayed away from home. She had many school friends who she stayed with, and that was mostly her life.
    She met a boy named Eric Maken, he was nice, and showed her how to have fun. But a year later he died unexpectadly of cancer. One day she got a flyer in the mail. A circus was being held in london, and obviously she was invited. She planned her escape that night, and went to the circus. That is where she met the circus owner. Who seemed to have taken an interest in Skeleton face. He led her and a nineteen other kids into the magicians tent. The rest was a horrible nightmare.......When she woke up she couldnt remember her name, and was now living the life of Skeleton face, the walking skeleton, who performed onstage with the magician.
    +stage acts
    -anything human like.
    Fears (this is important): she is afraid that she will fully die someday, and she is afraid that she and the other london kids will be thrown away.
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