Me and MateriaCloud and a couple of other people bought FF-XI Online. Lets face it we all heard about how its hard to start and a least welcoming community, but what better to play with then a group! The game is only 10$ on steam, its the ultimate collection (Includes 4 expansion packs, and 3 add-on scenarios.) On top of all that it comes with a month free, :P. Sadly I haven't bought the game from a local retail store, I bought it online. So no buddy passes. (Sorry WereWolfX.) I'll find a good server and we'll just have some fun. I'm not sure if its possible, but I will try to make a guild.

(Look at that TaruTaru, Look how stylish he is.) We also have a vent for us to play on and add me on Xfire: Sidimazzouri.