Hey guys! This is Reginald from solomid.net

Solomid.net is a league of legends community with top rank players willing to help others, and is a great community to find groups to play with.

I, Reginald, also known as Andy, am the owner and founder of Solomid and Team AoN ( All or Nothing) A top tier ranked team.

Just to back my credibility up, I am currently ranked higher than 25 in all 3 ladders, and am ranked 1 in the solo q 5v5 ladder. ( USA)

So guys, I'm here to advertise my youtube channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/SolomidDOTNet

I currently make videos once a week of how to play the champion, how to use him in high rank games with commentary.

Please subscribe, and add me in game for any further questions

IGN: Reginald ( with an I)