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    ((lately ive been fascinated with the subtle knife, wich is in the golden compass series. anyways, me and Bloody decided to make a story about a group of kids from all worlds, who meet in Ci'gazze and find out there is a new threat to thier worlds....sadly I havnt finished the books but oh well, I just cant really read the last one, its to long..... ))

    There are many worlds, with many universes, with even more galaxies, each with its own purpose. Each world contains a form of "human life" Once, over a hundred years ago, a little girl named Lyra and her Friends Will, traveled through these worlds, and saved them. Now, the worlds are falling to peices again, Lord Brakish, a wealthy man from london, has a secret. He is part of a group of people called the Syll's, they were formed a hundred years ago, in the time of Lyra and Will. They wiped everybodies memories, so they would not remember anything that had happened. And as time went on people started to forget.

    No one knows it, but the Syll's have reformed, to take over all of the worlds, to fight the good citizens of each world. And to fight the dust, as the Gobblers had done many years ago. Even though The Syll'e are much more advanced the Dust-shadows, are still there, the Syll's have the same method as the Gobblers in Defeating the dust, cut the child away from ther daemon. Then one day, a girl finds her way into a new world, along with her best friend. The new world, Ci'gazze, seems to be run by children. No adults, but the children speac of spectres. For the two children who entered this world they will have to not only find out what happened to the abducted kids, save the abducted kids, get help from other worlds, and learn about the dust, so they may save thier worlds.

    These children all come from different worlds, but each drawn to the small window in the air. They fell through the window, and are now in Ci'gazze. Will you team up with the children from the Daemon world, or fight against them.

    (ehhh, it might be a bit crappy, but blame bloody, she mad eit when she watched the movie)

    Lengthy posts.
    Descriptive posts.
    all Onrpg rules apply here.
    no godmod.
    no killing other characters.

    spots open----
    children from daemon world- any amount
    children from normal world- any amount
    children from Ci'gazze
    children form other worlds-any amount

    character sheets:
    age: (9-17)
    personality: (may come out in story)
    history: (may come out in story)

    Daemon sheets: (must have if your from the Daemon world)

    my sheet: (ill make my human sheet in the morning)
    name: Askitarie (kita)
    apperance: Ocelot-She is a golden colored Ocelot, with Dark green eyes and a mucular body build. She has very sharp fangs, along with dark, cloudy spots everywhere.
    Hawk-She has golden eyes with flecks of green, sharp talons, and a very large wingspan.
    raccoon- In raccoon form she is a dark misty gray color, with black, tail, front paws, mask, and ear tips. She has a white underbelly and a thin white ring below her left eye, her eyes are dark green.
    Fox- In fox form she has a dark reddish brown color, along with dark green eyes, white muzzle, underbelly, back feet, and a white spot on her back. Her Front feet, ears, and tail are black.
    forms: ocelot, hawk, raccoon, fox,
    personality: Kita is nice, protective, loyal, brave, and determined to always win.

    name: Damien Scotts
    age: 13
    gender: male
    apperance: (will find apperance later)
    daemon: Kita
    personality: Comes out in story
    history: he is the son of lord Scotts, lived in oxford his entire life (the rest comes out in story)
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    hi im Lyah! :3

    vampires dont sparkle they burn, wtf is worng with stephanie meyer, not once did she even mention fangs in twilight, and all of her characters were mary sue, even though she tried to cover it up. Her only good character was Alice, but she screwed her up by keeping her in the backgorund. And who the Fack named their kid something as stupid as Renesmee? seriously, i think she started to make a book about fairies and accidently made it about vampires.

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