Back in the days of yonder, which was a Wednesday btw. My friend and I were incredibly bored pming each other. He was like "ayyy mr. man why don't we start a CC and gather many mens and womens?" As easy/fun as that sounds, it's not. People are stingy with their cc's and insist they could o0ber hax me if I don't leave rs at once. So thanks to them I cannot enter rs and gather mens and womens, and have to continue my search on the forums for our rs ritual... I mean cc!

overview: we're starting a community clan for fun with events here and there when it takes off.

I. Intro( if you're this far you've already read it.)
II. Requirements.
III. Ranking.

Since we are a small cc the requirements are strict! No exceptions what so ever!

no combat lvl needed.
no skills needed.
no college degrees needed.
no quests needed.
no knowledge needed.
no goat sacrifices needed.

If you feel you do not meet the requirements send me a pm, and we shall debate on whether or not we can make an exception.

Due to our strict skill requirements we decided to rank on a trust/annoying/cool/helpful basis. Basically we run it this way.

Positive ranking

Negative ranking
-everyone hates you

The owner of the cc is Muzzy 7, so if you're interested in joining... join muzzy 7's cc!

tl;dr overview
We're starting a clan, and everyone's invited! Join the cc "muzzy 7"

pm me(Fates Effect) to join, or if you have any questions.