Ok, here's the deal.
I'm remotely familiar with html scripts. after spending 10 years messing around with online games, and making garbage with frontpage express... I've decided to put my lack of skills into making myself an experimental browser game.
I've quickly realised that would be humanly impossible with programs that are specifically just for html page making, and have started learning html language.

I'm already getting stuck. I can do most display-based presentations, but can't figure out how to include much of anything else.

how can I set up values? strings? how can I use input? how can I set up 'if else' or 'if then' variables?
Now someone mentioned to me it would have to be done with javascripting, rather than html, since html doesn't have such 'complex' capabilities.
Kinda makes me miss the ZX Spectrum.

Now my head is spinning and I am getting lost in the 90 billion tutorials online. I can't find anything past IMG SRC and BODY online. lolz!

So where do I start? Please help...