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Thread: The War of Desperate Men

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    Default The War of Desperate Men

    "It has come, a new age where we shall prosper and create! No longer shall we destroy the world, piece by piece, with our own foolishly selfish expansion! Today, today is the day we shall unleash our power upon the world, in the age of the new power, earth shall revive and prosper, as shall the other worlds in due course! We shall continue, without rest or fail, as the entire solar system is cleansed by the final wave of our might!"


    The world has changed... So has the entire solar system. New advancements were made in technology, and we terraformed Mars without the vast amounts of money previously needed for the deed. In fact, the Earth started to slowly recover from the enviromental impact humans had on it, and now Earth is merely one of the inhabitable planets in the solar system of Sol. Most people thought that Earth will always remain a giant hub of the human race after we started colonizing space, but actually, more than thirty percent of the human race was born on Mars now. but then, there was a new discovery, made just a couple years ago. Magic. Yeah, it sounds like some bad book, but it's true; there were gangs that started to suddenly use magic and disappear or other things like that. The United Leaders of Interplanetary Life had some major problems with that, bunch of battles, but eventually everything settled down. Eventually, some guy-Cullin Terastavail-poped up, started a huge cult of guys thinking he was starting some new age or something. honestly, I still don't know quite what they thought. In any case, he got huge support, and now he's even part of the ULIL. Bad stuff, those politics. So, what does this have to do with me, with us? Well, nothing and everything. They're after us, and they don't really care how they get us. The legal guys say it's because we're too dangerous to be kept loose. The illegal guys just want to use us. Either way, it can't end well for us. So, what do I do? I hide. Then, I remember this other guy that kept popping up in the news, he fought. Damn did he fight. They didn't show it on the news, but I was lucky enough to be observor to a few of his fights. There was blood everywhere. I seriously mean that, by the time he was done, everything within a twenty meter range was absolutely covered in blood, unless it was directly covered by something. Luckily, I only got some of the blood on me, but I was close enought o watch as he absolutely tore all the gang guys and cultists and g-men apart. I was vomiting for months afterwards.

    Wait, I think I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. You don't know what 'we' are, right? Well, I guess the most simply and direct answer to that could be this; we're Gods. We each got some lucky draw, so we each got God-level amounts of magic power is our forte. Like that guy I was talking about. You could say he's a Necrowarrior. The guy could pretty much summon any sword or dead thing at will, and he could command both with inhuman strength and skill. A normal Necrowarrior would at the most be able to summon a couple zombie rats, maybe a dog, and some kind of real thin sword, that he would be probably about decent with a sword, the thing about holding it with strength is inherrent for all sword-oriented Warrior-type magic users. now you see the difference between us and the norms. Take me as another example; I pretty much slip the mind of any human being if they're gonna say something about me that endangers my life. It's real complicated, but I'm basically unfindable, unless I purposefully went out to get found. Now you know the stakes, the reasons, and the means. On our side we have uncomparable magic, on their side they have numbers and tech. Plus, even though we're so powerful, the main power is in the fact we can pretty much do any of our magic without long chants. Just say a few words, and poof, the bloodthirsty killers got a zombie.

    Ah, I'm getting tired, plus I got 'work' in the morning. Bye guys, hope you can get this well enough. Not gonna sign name or adress though; that'd be plain stupid.


    Okay, so there are the ULIL, who are trying to get the God-Mages off the streets, the Cultists, whose motivations are unknown but seem to attack the God-Mages a lot, and the Underground, who is basically anybody with a group of people, weapons, and the resolve to use them to do illegal things. This will take place on Mars, the sprawling metropolis, and no the 'narrator' up there isn't going to play a part in this at all. You guys don't even get the letters.

    Magic is cast by either sheer force of will, which is exceedingly difficult and will only produce the weakest of your magical power, or by chanting words and focusing on the words. Different people have different magic types, and types can be further split up into orientations sometimes. Take this.
    A Warrior type Mage has magic to do with physical force, such as increasing your strength or conjuring swords. Thus, a Sword-oriented Warrior can summon swords, use them with skill, and there may be extra advantages, such as being strong enough to hold the sword you summoned. In order for a man to summon this weapon, they would have to chant something, like this: "For the heat of battle, a weapon is needed, now give unto me the sword which bears my face." Of course it doesn't have to be quite as complicated as that, but longer and more complicated chants grant better magic.


    Technology has mostly advanced in the field of movement and changing the enviroment. Thus, technology is only slightly ahead of ours in most respects. It's most obvious with vehicles; there are no longer wheels, instead they simply float on thin air, making no sound. They touch down on the ground, using small supports that extend from beneath. Weapons are still mostly ballistics, but the efficienty of guns has increased profoundly, making most guns an incredibly great weapon with an equal in firing speed, clip size, power, and so on. Thus, the smallest military issued guns can now fire bullets like a sniper rifle, with thirty clip rounds, at a rate similar to an assault rifle. Plasma weapons are rare, only among high ranks, and while they have slow rate of fire, low ammo capacity, and not the best aim, the 'bullet' are similar to small rockets when they hit something, only everything nearby is melted to mush instead of blown to bits.

    Meanwhile, the Cultists and Underground are still largely restricted to weapons similar to modern day weapons, and only the higher ranks get Military grade, and only the very bosses of some of the very powerful gangs get the plasma weapons.


    Nickname: (Optional)
    Magic Type: (Be creative)
    Magical Orientation: (What does your type focus on?)
    Affiliations: (Are you involved with any of the groups? Note that allying the ULIL is impossible as of yet.)
    Personality: (Optional)
    History: (Optional)

    Name: //Crei Honastin//
    Nickname: //DB//
    Age: //26//
    Magic Type: //Necrowarrior.//
    Magical Orientation: //Intellegent, long lasting zombies and Dao swords.//
    ULIL: //WAR//
    Cultists: //NEUTRAL//
    Underground: //WAR//
    Personality: //UNKNOWN//
    History: //His history is unknown, as he apparantly arrived on Mars after being chased out of a colony on Pluto. It has been confirmed that he is dangerous, though the actual extent of his crimes in currently unknown.//
    Other: //Really likes cooking, and is rarely seen without his trusty companion(?) GZ.//

    Name: //Ground Zero//
    Nickname: //GZ, Zero//
    Age: //UNKNOWN//
    Magic Type: //Zombie//
    Magical Orientation: //Intellegence and Longevity//
    ULIL: //WAR//
    Cultists: //NEUTRAL//
    Underground: //WAR//
    Personality: //Cold, silent, does not have much understanding of emotion, has a completel rational mind at all times.//
    History: //He is apparantly DB's 'Ground Zero'; he was the first zombie to be raised. Logically, at frst, he was very weak, but he has been repediately 'resurrected' through the use of reraising him to a new zombie. So, he is theoretically immortal, so long as his Raiser, DB, is alive and able to raise new zombies, but it appears that his current body is particularly strong, and he has remained in this current body for several years. It is unknown whether his mind would 'root' in to the body, and make a 'reraise' impossible.//
    Other: //He is unnaturally gifted with a gun, which may or may not be a remnant of his current bodies old magic.//
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    Default Character Sheet

    ((OOC: Hey! First RP for me on this site. I have experience, so don't think i'm all that new. I like the story! Hope this is fun.))

    Name: Urani
    Nickname: Sickboy
    Age: 13
    Appearance: For Urani's hair she has medium long dyed orange hair slicked back by a layer of filth, and goggles used for engineering strapped on her hairline. Blue eyes and a dirtied up face, slightly covered by a scarf. A vest with pins and patches, and rolled up torn skinny jeans. She also usually wears sandles, and fingerless gloves. For height she is kind of short for her age, and she has skinny arms... that can pack a punch. ((Still)).
    Magic Type: Can transform her body painfully into a hyena/human combination. ((Basically a shorter, uglier verson of a werewolf.))
    She becomes very fast, and a lot stronger.
    Magical Orientation: ((What exactlly do you mean?))
    Affiliations: Not really anybody, but has some friends who are also engineers and help her with tasks.
    Personality: A feisty little girl, who can be sweet... but turns sour as well. Not the romantic type.
    History: Raised to by like her dad, and her mom was a stay at home mom while her dad worked on vehicles.
    Other: Yes, she is a girl! And she isn't whorish, and romantic. She is a messy girl and isn't your clumsy playboy bunny. Sorry!

    ((Tell me if i missed anything! Like Magical Orientation. Good luck with the RP!))

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