If you though the Tactical Battle System (TBS) was the only new feature to be added in the upcoming Troy patch on Atlantica Online. Well think again.
A private housing system called the “My Home” system will be included to the Troy patch. The housing system lets you create a virtual home for your character; the house is customizable from the house itself up to the furnitures. This feature was inspired from the popular life simulation game The Sims.

Furnitures can be purchased and even sent as a gift to other players; players can even visit your home and vice versa, those who visit a house can receive a gift, a feature that you commonly see on Facebook games, another cool feature is when other players interact with you on your house, they can gain stat bonuses that can be helpful in PvE battles.
Aside from customizing, you can also train your mercenaries in your home, you can assign them to gather minerals, craft items etc.
This casual-like game feature is a welcome addition to the Atlantica Online game, giving more options for players to interact with each other and giving them a break after long hours of battles