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    Default Relic Hunting Update

    Relic Hunting Update
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    On August 19, 2010 Lost Saga is releasing its second plaza activity Relic Hunting Mode.

    Relic Hunting Mode allows you to find exotic treasures hidden in the plazas. First off, purchase the Relic Kit item from the shop's special items tap.

    Enter any plaza and press the Relic Hunting icon to start the search!

    Follow the number on your relic detector until it hits 0 then press D to start digging. The success rate on finding an item increases as more people join you in the plaza.

    Relics are appraised and sold immediately after you dig them out. Relic value ranges from F to SSS with SSS being the most rare and high in price. Each type of plaza has different average relic value:

    Pirate Bay: Medium
    Sky Castle: Medium
    Volcano: Very High
    Ancient Ruins: Medium
    Cube: High
    Starbase: Medium
    Refinery: High
    Wild West: Very High

    Remember that the above is a given average and might differ from your own result!

    You might get lucky and find an Epic Gear buried underground - even a permanent one.

    The Relic Kit is a timed item and the time only goes down when you use the kit. If you stay afk for some time the Relic Kit will automatically stop working. The battery sign on the left of your detector screen shows approximate time left on your Relic Kit.

    Good luck and happy hunting!!
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