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Thread: Eligible for 10 Free Days - How does it work?

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    Default Eligible for 10 Free Days - How does it work?

    Eligible for 10 Free Days - How does it work?

    Basically that's it. If I'm eligible for 10 days and I can only get those 10 days by entering credit info (again)... then do I have to pay to get those 10 "free" days? Or will it be like I'm signing up for the first time again?

    FYI: This is the 10 free days you get if you were once an active account. NOT the 10 day free trial.
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    Late reply, you might of already figured it out but it's worth replying I guess. Yeah you have to use your credit card but you still get the 10 days free and don't have to pay until the 10 days are up, can cancel at anytime.
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