As most if not all of us are waiting for the new games to come out
(FFXIV, GW2, Vindictus, Dynasty warriors online etc. ) I had a sudden urge to play a simple game that kills time.
Now I've heard about a lot of grinding in silk road, but I also heard it was fun ....
.. but that was back in the day when I heard there was massive bots and hackers.

I google'd some silkroad info and I saw a sitcky thread from what I believe was some kind of moderator. It looks like he found a solution to the so called hackers.
source here:

As much as I want to try silkroad, I'm willing to commit to it for a good amount of days. (for 1 good month or 2 )
But the question is, is it worth even playing it today?

If so, hows the community, the update on hackers/botters... any new content in the game since you last played?
keep in mind, I never played it whatsoever.. so you think its fun for a fresh new player to even start such an old game?

suggestions? reviews? any would be good :]