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Thread: Kazoo's Basic Build Guide.

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    Default Kazoo's Basic Build Guide.

    Well, I see many " What Build?" Threads, So I decided to make a BUILD Thread. Note, I have very few expiriences and knowledge about skills. But I'll post what I know about SOME Character skills.Btw this is for first timers, and it's to save money.
    Basics: Builds are the four main Attributes in the begining when maknig a character. These four are, POWER,MAGIC,SENSE,CHARM. When reading builds, you read it in this order. There will be percentages, or numbers in the little triangles.
    Now onto Builds

    EDIT, Now added skills


    All Points in AP

    4114- Best and most efficient build. Strongest attack, highest HP and Def. Low crit. All Bonuc Points into AP.ALL
    4123- Higher crit, But lower HP.

    All Points into MA

    1432- Mana Arrow build. High Crit, Moderate HP.
    1423- Mana Ring build, Good HP, Lower crit.
    1441- Not a suggsted build, but is the strongest build, strong attacks, High Crit, Will die at 1 finger touch though

    Lion- All Points into AC,ALL
    Fox- All points into DA

    1144- recommended for both, fox and lions. High Crit, Very good HP and DEF, can hoad alot more stuff. This is a must for fox
    2143- This build is just for lions. Lower HP. Higher strength.
    4141- Very strong, but the has the worst HP. Will die very easily, hard to maintain.

    All Points into EITHER hv OR ap.

    4114- This build can ONLY go either HV OR AP. Do not mix. Low crit, very good HP, good strength.
    3124- this is just a HV build. Good build for both cats, and raccoons.
    1144- Highest crit, low strength.

    SKILLS( Note,ido not know all the classes skills, So I might require some help)




    ManaArrow build.

    ManaArrow lvl 5
    Invincible Casting
    Max Mana Arrow
    Bottle of Mana lvl 1
    MasterArrow rush
    Mist of Mana.

    Mana Ring Build

    ManaArrow Lvl 1
    Invincible Casting
    Master ManaRing
    Master Cure
    Bottle of Mana Lvl 1
    Master Reinforcements of Ring
    Mist Of Mana


    Perception Fox(1144)

    Master Stone Strike
    Sixth Sense
    Master Shuriken Mastery
    Lvl 1 Armour Destrctor
    Mastery LuckySeven


    Gun Carrier
    Invincible Reload
    Gun Booster
    Movement Load
    Lvl 10 Stone Strike
    Lvl 1 Armour destructor
    Mastery Lucky7


    HV Cat-
    Master Gelder Throw
    Master Sturdy Shield
    Master Dodge Mastery

    HV Raccoon

    Master Gelder Throw
    Master Sturdy Shield
    Master Dodge Mastery

    There are differences in HV Cat and HV Raccoon. HV Cat Will out damage AP cats, in the end, since highKick is mroe based on HV. Whether as HV Raccoons, will always lose damage to AP Raccoons, even in 2nd job, with there skill Card Fling, the damage is not a huge difference though

    AP Raccoon
    Master PowerBlow
    Master SturdyShield
    Master Titanium Wrist.

    Well, I hope this helps you, and if you have suggestions, or comments leave them here,
    NOTE: I Do need a power type build. So any help would be aprreciated
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