Whos going to play FFXIV when it comes out on ps3/xbox360?
reading some threads about how OB was a dissapointment, How some PC's couldn't handle the graphics, or how much improvements it needs in general,
.. anyone thinking about just hopping on when it comes into console?

The only reason why I'm thinking about playing it on the ps3 is because
1) I dont have to worry about optimizing or worrying about FPS/graphics. It should already be set for me at a nice med/high/max setting.
2)Most of the starting bugs/changes will probably suck in the first month. Not to mention, the future classes will be coming out.. (hopefully dark knights and/or summoners like classes! )
3)as much as the PC released, I heard it was -intended- for controllers, correct me if I'm wrong.

The only con about waiting is:
I wont be that dude that walks around while new players think in their head "Whoa .. what armor/job is that? "