how does your school year look?

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    Mine looks f*cked

    Monday: 9 to 5
    Tuesday: 9 to 4
    wednesday: 110 to 5
    thursday: 8 to 1
    friday: 9 to 4

    Though the lessons I get on monday en wednesday aren't that hard and you can leave when finished.
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    4 1 hour 30 minute classes everyday. from 7 am-2 30 pm est.
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    well i fell into a depression for past week and im having a nervous breakdown on what i want my major to be or why im alive. So i withdrawld from 2 classes and changed my major to exercise science. On the verge of dropping all them and joining the military. No ****in clue whats been goin on in class for the past week.

    but im in POLS 1101, ECON 2106 and HIST 2110 right now. Dropped ACCT 2101 and MUSC 1101

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