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Thread: Eien no Kazoku [FFXIV Linkshell] [IGN Thread]

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    Default Eien no Kazoku [FFXIV Linkshell] [IGN Thread]

    Eien no Kazoku [Cornelia server]
    The Eternal Family

    A Final Fantasy XIV Linkshell.

    I would like to take this opportunity to inform you all about a Linkshell that we can create together.
    Eien no Kazoku is a Final Fantasy XIV linkshell that doesn’t focus on levels, gear, attributes or how much time you have to play the game.

    Eien no Kazoku is a Linkshell that is meant for socializing, having fun, and just playing the game together, enjoying the moments in Eorzea and not having to see the game as an obligation. Our goal is to create a fun and mature community. (of course that means, we’d have to allow roleplaying, since a fun community just isn’t complete if we cannot do any roleplaying)

    To create a fun community for everyone, there has to be a few rules. Our rules are very simple, and we don’t expect them to cause any problems.

    - Speak English in the Linkshell Chat. (since we would like everyone from all over the globe to feel welcome)
    - Be kind to one another, we are on the way to become an eternal family after all :P

    Joining is easy and can be done by a few easy ways.
    - Contacting me, or any of the Linkshells masters ingame.
    - Signing up trough a forum post in one of our threads*
    - Joining our Xfire clan page*

    *These methods are a reversed technique of the first method, a linkshell master will contact you ingame instead, and thus invite you by meeting up.

    Together we can make a community. Together we shall be “Eien no Kazoku

    Best regards,

    Jeffrey Kerkdijk
    Founder “Eien No Kazoku”

    My info.

    In-game name: Ryado Faith
    Timezone: GMT + 1
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