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Thread: Eien no Kazoku [FFXIV Linkshell] [IGN Thread]

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    In-game name: Kazen Hasume
    Nation: Limsa(as I did Ul'dah in O
    Timezone: GMT+1 (Currently +2 summertime)

    Also applying for Europe Limsa Master >: =o

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    ope! Nevermind, I forgot to say I changed my character and his name haha.

    My characters name is Donny Donowitz, and I'm now in Ul'Dah. I liked Ul'Dah a lot more in the beta than Gridania... Gridania felt so... Claustrophobic. So I remade my character with a new name, same starting class.

    I'll be online tomorrow more than likely so I'll be sure to add you and send you a message in game so I can get an invite

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