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Thread: Vindictus [Discussion]

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    Donno what game you guys are playiing but I also hop on every now and then and I still see quite a few people. And generic graphics and combat? Again, that's not Vindictus, it's fine that you don't like the game but don't make up bull**** about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retto View Post
    Probably cuz it's not that great of a game. I mean, it's alright - but really, considering the alternatives, why bother? With it's generic ass Korean plastic surgery samefaces and generic ass graphics and basic ass combat.

    Not to mention nobody wants to go within 100 miles of Nexon America. If you have a CHOICE to avoid Nexon, you avoid it. And with Vindictus, there's other options. Unlike Mabinogi where there's no other Mabinogi to go to.
    The combat may be simplistic but that's the beauty of it, you don't need 3 skill bars and 20 mouse buttons to enjoy the full combat experience, instead of looking at your cooldowns you can fully focus on the battle.
    The animations, the hitboxes and the overall style of Vindictus combat is still the best there is out there, no other MMO comes even close. NONE!

    Vindictus stopped being so popular because the content released is very minimalistic and the current one is quite unrewarding, a raid or two every few months or one of those new, long-ass maps that 99% of the times turn into fruitless runs due to horrendous drop rate. It's come to a point where you have to spend few hours a day just to do your daily raids, it's ridiculous and people are sick of it. It was much more fun around Ep. 6-8 when they still released normal, short, farmable maps. After that it just went downhill, raid after raid and some maps that take too much time to complete for the reward they offer.
    Not to mention the completely unfair upragde system where you can lose everything you worked for in a split second. So many people rage quit simply because they were left with no weapon to continue playing due to the broken upgrade system.
    As for the 'same looking characters' thing, yeah, there may not be much character customization but the wardrobe/fusion system makes up for it big time. The amount of armor mix-matches you can come up with is amazing. Honestly, dressing your character was never as much fun before and no other MMO gave me as much freedom when it came to customizing my wadrobe.

    I love Vindictus and I came back to it many times but after the not so recent event where you could basically buy a +15 Weapon if you had enough NX I gave up my hopes. The combat, the graphics, the style is awesome but unfortunately this game doesn't reward effort, it's mostly about being lucky or rich.

    Hopefully someday there'll be a MMO as good as Vindictus when it comes to combat but right now, it's the king of action MMOs.
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