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Thread: Onrpg National Avatar Week

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    I'm actually already on google...via their instance I found wombat after...w...o...m..b...this is a sign.
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    I'm cool with wombats lol.

    So since were a little late this month we could make it around the 20th (monday) of every month?

    Edit: Off Topic: This is the second thread of mine that winters hated on. He does know that some people have more then one account right? =/

    People look at post counts way to much imo. =/

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    Ow yea I remember that website it's really the fastest website on the universe. I think it goes around 3.4 Internet speed, which is around 1/4 the speed of a moon beam. I think i once saw a special Bilbo Baggins offer on that website, but they got some problem with coupons being potential child molesters.
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