As a new player, one of the first times they will going to try aside from trying new equips whenever they leveled up, is the Player vs Player feature, or PvP in short. This is one of the main features where players get the chance to prove themselves on who’s the best in the game, and newc****s will get the chance to build their reputation as the best combatant. Atlantica Online has different PvP competitions to suit the player’s taste, and one of them is the Free League.

For starters, Free League is one of the PvP competitions that is held everyday. You can attend up to 8 competitions per Free League that occurs every 3 hours of the day, players can start registering 10 minutes before the Free Leagues starts and the registration last up to the last 15 minutes of the competition. When already entered in the Free League, you’ll be matched to an opponent that has the same division as you are, if there are no available opponent with the same rank, a Doppelganger will fight you instead. Your division rank depends on your current level and also on your current standing in the Free League, get more consecutive wins and your rank goes up, lose a couple of matches and your rank goes down.

Now you know how the Free League works; now it’s time to pick up the most suitable mercenaries for your team.
There are two mercenaries that should always be on your formation: Exorcist, Monk.

Exorcist Type: Sword
Recruit Level: 57 Quest NPC: Isis, Devil’s Forest
The Exorcist is one of the most important mercenary in the Free League, without it, you’ll be having a hard time defeating your foe especially if your opponent is a magic user. The skill Mana Seal is the most vital skill for the Exorcist, it disables the staff users from using magic, preventing them to use their offensive skills and even healing/support skills like the Awakening skill of the Monk. Also the Mana Burn skill can decrease the opposing mercenary’s MP and at the same time damage them. The Speed Cast skill, on the other hand, is a passive skill where it increases the Action Points (AP) of your magic users, APs are points that require a character to perform an action every turn, 100 AP is required for a character to perform an action.

Monk Type: Staff
Recruit Level: 18 Quest NPC: Huike, Near Beijing
This is also another must have mercenary to your formation, with his Awakening skill, it will reset all the stun counters from the selected characters, as getting three consecutive hits will stun your character, leaving them immobile and vulnerable to attacks. Also the Monk has two Passive skills (Protect and Shield of Protection, although only one skill can be learned) that gives a defensive and health regeneration buff to your main character. The Holy Guard skill makes your characters immune to magic for a period of time, but the drawback is your character also can’t be healed, so using this skill is only meant as a last resort.

As for the three mercenaries, I’ve given two optional choices of mercenaries; these are optional but still highly recommended to be included to your formation:

• Druid/ Northern Viking
• Inventor/Janissary
• Oracle/Shaman

Druid/Northern Viking Type: Axe

Druid Recruit Level: 100 Quest NPC: Raging Wind, Grand Canyon
Northern Viking* Recruit Level: 100 Quest NPC: Freydis, Adlivun
If you compare the two, both the Northern Viking and Druid have the same skills (Ice Ridge Axe/Forest Prison) although the Druid’s skill is more powerful; also, the Druid has the highest Strength stats of all melee type mercenaries. But the drawback is that getting the Druid is a lot harder and as matter of fact more expensive than the Northern Viking, although the Northern Viking is still a formidable mercenary in your team, so picking between the two solely depends on your budget, if you got a ton of gold in your bank, then go for the Druid.
*Note: To begin the Northern Viking upgrade Quest, you must have a level 100 Viking.

Inventor/Janissary Type: Gun

Inventor Recruit Level: 84 Quest NPC: Francesco, Lisbon
Janissary Recruit Level: 96 Quest NPC: Al Ferem, Istanbul
Choosing between the two will depend on the formation build you will be using. The Janissary has a higher attack compared to the Inventor. The Janissary is usually suitable for PvE (Player vs. Environment) but still a good choice for PvP for its high attack and range. The Inventor on the other hand is a popular choice for PvP players for its Summon Machine skill; it summons a catapult-like machine to join your team at attacks your opponent on a wide range (similar range that of a artillery user) make the Inventor a good choice for Stun Build Formation users (I’ll make an in-depth feature about Stun Build formations next time). Yet for some, they just include both to their formation, but if you have to pick only one, choose that suits your formation; if you are into Stun pressure, then go for Inventor, and if you prefer a good damager, then go for Janissary.

Shaman/Oracle Type: Staff

Shaman Recruit Level:1 Quest NPC: Available at the beginning
Oracle Recruit Level: 76 Quest NPC: Nefertiti, Valley of the Kings
Majority would choose Oracle over the Shaman because of higher healing skill. Some would still pick Shaman because of one skill: Noble Sacrifice. By using this skill, the shaman will sacrifice herself to heal your whole team, this can be useful during crucial situations and as a last resort, using well timed Noble Sacrifice can lead you to victory if not, leaving you with no healer. If you think the Noble Sacrifice skill can be a useful arsenal to your team, then pick Shaman, but if you want a much better healer, then you are opt for the Oracle.

As for the remaining mercenaries, just follow these important factors to complete your formation:
• Be sure to have a strong frontline, they should be able to withstand a significant amount of beating from your opponent and at the same time, able to retaliate with good amount of damage to the opposition.
Top choices: Spartan, Lady Knight, Champion
• Add mercenaries that has a wide attack range, the wider the attack, the better the chance of stunning the opposing team.
Top choices: Artilleryman, Cannoneer, Viking
• Always have a mercenary that attack back rowed mercenaries or main character and at the same time deals a decent amount of damage, usually, healers are assigned in the back row, keeping them a safe distance from regular attacks. So the faster you can eliminate them, the higher chance of winning the match.
Top choices: Empress, Dark Archer, Janissary
• Add a mercenary that gives your other mercenary good buffs to boost their attack or defense.
Top Choices: Princess, Prophet
And if you still have any remaining slots for more mercenaries, you can choose any that suits your gaming style.

As for your main character, the top choices are either the Staff or the Bow; the Staff user gives you a wide range of spells from Monk and Shaman mercenaries, making you an all around support. The Bow on the other hand, let’s you attack or rather snipe targets that are from the back row and deal a good amount of damage.

Of course, in the end it’s all about winning, and yet sometimes it’s inevitable to lose once in a while, in case you keep on losing, just reorganize your team and plan a new strategy. Since Atlantica Online’s Free League is all about strategy, going all out with planning ahead will just lead you to a painful defeat. And one final note, just enjoy the game.