1. Priest skill overhaul

2. Priest awakenings

3. New Server - Delezie Server

4. Free Backstep+Cancel & reduced SP Cost for beginner cancels

5.New dungeon ratings system and screen

6. New interface

7. New NPC models

8. Updated options menu

9. Independent attack bonus on certain skills

10. Recalibration of arena skills

11. Level 50 Uniques and Legacies

12. Updated stats menu

13. Updated Character Select screen (shows character stats)

14. Certain general quests changed to epic quests

15. Certain quest are auto-chained (no more going back and forth)

*credit to Kamica from dfo forums for this list

so anyways for those who quit dfo maybe you'll consider coming back once this patch is out (Oct 13)

also what do u think about this patch? isnt it amazing?!

(Sorry if this was already posted, also sorry if this doesnt belong here :P)